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Conjunction Junction: planetary edition

MORNING PLANETS:  Set your alarm for dawn on Wednesday morning May 11th.  Jupiter and Venus will be in conjunction, shining through the eastern twilight only half a degree apart.  It’s a spectacular way to begin the day.  Visit http://spaceweather.com for … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: polychrome edition

The feeders are pretty busy right now.  Every time I look out I see something interesting. Just a few… for those of you who are interested. First, a newcomer.  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, who loves the grape jelly. He is the first … Continue reading

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FLASH: Fr. Z agrees with Bp. Morris and NCR… yes and no.

I may be in close agreement with Bp. Morris and NCR on a matter of great importance. From the National catholic Fishwrap comes another defense of lately-removed Australian Bishop William Morris, quondam of the Diocese of Toowoomba. His Excellency is … Continue reading

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Brick by brick: Italian, papal version

“Mattone su mattone.” I found this phrase, thanks to an alert reader, in a post about the recent papal Mass during the Holy Father’s trip to Venice.   You know, the trip with the issue about the Murano glass vessels.  Check … Continue reading

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Bp. Conley on transcendence in the liturgy and the new, corrected translation

An alert reader sent me the following.  This is a talk given last month by H.E. Most Rev. James D. Conley, Auxiliary Bishop in Denver to the Midwest Theological Forum. If I am not mistaken, Bp. Conley was one of … Continue reading

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Ex ore infantium

From a reader: I thought you might find some humor in what happened after Mass this morning. Our family attended Mass this morning and a visiting priest presided. After the Mass my five year-old leaned over to me and whispered, … Continue reading

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Where you are

I haven’t done one of these for a while. Here is a snapshot of about 5 minutes worth of approximate locations of visitors to the blog.  They may not always reflect the exact location, due to the foibles of internet … Continue reading

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Your good news

Do you have any good news for us? For my part, in the instant gratification column, I have a splendid mug of excellent coffee as I write.   Sometimes its the small things.   In the medium range column, I have had … Continue reading

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Fr. Z – R.I.P.

News of my demise has been greatly exaggerated. Instead, please stop and say a prayer for the late Fr. John Zuecher, SJ, a former chaplain at Creighton University Law School who died recently, at 86 years of age. Creighton University’s … Continue reading

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US Navy Chaplains: the devil to pay and no pitch hot

I am sure this will inspire men who want to be priests and chaplains in the United States Navy, who are also the chaplains for the Marines. From The Navy Times with my emphases: Once the military’s ban on gays … Continue reading

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Check this out, folks.  From Astronomy Pic of the Day. Just go!  Very cool.

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CTS: New Roman Missal editions

The Catholic Truth Society in England has offered some resources for their new editions of the Roman Missal, that is, the new, corrected translation. Emphasis on corrected. I am sure my confreres across the water are taking note of the … Continue reading

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