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Vespers for Corpus Christi (BrevRom)

No frill vespers read from the Breviarium Romanum.

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WDTPRS: Corpus Christi – Post Communion – using God

The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord, or Corpus Christi, Corpus Domini in some places, actually falls on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, not on Sunday.  It is supposed to correspond to the Mass of the Last … Continue reading

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WDTPRS: Corpus Christi – Super Oblata – Eucharist: sign of unity, flashpoint of discord

The Roman calendar observes Corpus Christi today.  In another place I drilled into the Collect.   Let’s look at the Super Oblata, or “Prayer over the gifts”, in the new, corrected translation called the “Prayer over the offerings”. SUPER OBLATA (2002MR): … Continue reading

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NYC, Manhattan 23 June: Corpus Christi with procession

Today, Thursday, 23 June at 6 pm there will be a Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form, followed by a procession with the Blessed Sacrament, in Manhattan, NYC, at the Church of the Holy Innocents (128 W 37th – btw … Continue reading

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Corpus Christi no frills Matins (Breviarium Romanum)

No frill Matins for Corpus Christi with the Roman Breviary.  Perhaps the weary brethren can make use of it.  The hymn is particularly nice. You can follow on Divinum Officium or your iPhone app BrevMeum. In recording, I had a … Continue reading

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Too stupid for words: planting trees instead of going to confession

I am not making this up.  This is from Treehugger. Really. Priest in Brazil Replaces Prayer With Tree-Planting by Stephen Messenger, Porto Alegre, Brazil on 06.22.11 Planting trees may be a great way to help save the environment, but thanks … Continue reading

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A face only the sculptor could love

Remember this? Direct from an episode of Doctor Who, comes this new statue at the Stazione Termini in Rome. Some people think it is monstrous. I am one of them. The sculptor is defending his work. From CNA: John Paul … Continue reading

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Too much time in the southern sun, methinks.

From Fides et Forma and … … direct from Bari… it’s… the SUMMER SOLSTICE! E’ accaduto ieri nella Cattedrale di Bari: il parroco, don Franco Lanzolla, ha ritenuto opportuno organizzare in occasione del solstizio (quando i raggi di sole filtrati … Continue reading

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A Catholic Priest Needs Your Help Right Now!

A Catholic Priest Needs Your Help Right Now! This is the motto you will see on a website for an organization which defends priests. Opus Bono Sacerdotii Here is something from their front page. We provide life-saving care for thousands … Continue reading

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When people say stupid things about the Church, can you respond? REVIEW: Michael Coren

This note from The Catholic League about the ignorant boor and failed-TV personality Keith Olbermann gives me a chance to talk about something else. But first, the note from The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: OLBERMANN’S IGNORANCE IS APPALLING On last … Continue reading

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Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More

From the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum. Sanctorum Ioannis Fisher, episcopi, et Thomae More, martyrum, qui, cum Henrico regi Octavo in controversia de eius matrimonio repudiando et de Romani Pontificis primatu restitissent, in Turrem Londinii in Anglia trusi sunt.  Ioannes Fisher, episcopus … Continue reading

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Hats on to the Holy Father

A couple fun views of the Holy Father from today’s Wednesday Audience. The first one calls for some caption. This one speaks for itself.

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When gladiator “umps” made bad calls

This interesting article is in The Daily Mail.  Very cool stuff about gladiators and tombstones. Roman gladiator’s gravestone blames poor refereeing for losing a key battle (and his life) Scientist finally decodes epitaph on tombstone By Daily Mail Reporter His … Continue reading

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Handmissal for the NEW, CORRECTED translation available!

There is a new edition of the Daily Roman Missal available for pre-order.  This new, third edition has the new, corrected ICEL translation which will go into effect at the beginning of Advent 2011.  Only 5 months away! I have … Continue reading

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The worldwide killing of girls.

On the site of the WSJ there is a disturbing article about the destruction of girl children in favor of boys in some countries. The War Against Girls Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by … Continue reading

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