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WDTPRS – The Doxology, Great Amen, and YOU: The mighty voice of the one True Priest

Here is my latest hecatomb for The Wanderer to which you may subscribe digitally. I worked my way through an examination of the new, corrected translation of the Order of Mass, including the Roman Canon.  Then I returned to look … Continue reading

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On the priesthood by St. John Chrysostom

Today, looking for things about the Sanctus, I ran across this, which priests could incorporate into an examination of conscience: From Book VI On the priesthood by St. John Chrysostom.  My emphases: 4. […] What manner of man ought [the … Continue reading

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Oxford: a painting by Michelangelo indentified?

For your Just Too Cool file, comes this from CNS: Jesuits at Oxford find painting believed to be by Michelangelo A painting of Christ’s crucifixion believed to be the work of Michelangelo has been hanging in the residence of a small … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Giiving a gift to the priest after a baptism

From a reader: Do you recommend giving a stipend to the priest and/or parish when an infant is baptized? If so, how much is a good amount? This is the old question of “stole fees” which I have presented on … Continue reading

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Archbp. Sambi, Papal Nuncio to the USA – R.I.P.

CNS is reporting that the Holy See’s Nuncio to the USA, His Excellency Most Rev. Pietro Sambi, has died. He was 73 years old. Please, in charity, remember him in your prayers, asking God in His mercy to bring him … Continue reading

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Relief for the famine in Somalia?

Does anyone know of Catholic agencies which gets aid to Somalia.. aid that isn’t diverted to some faction but actually gets to people? Catholic Relief Services is functioning in Kenya, which is taking in refugees from the famine in Somalia. … Continue reading

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A giant SPACE SNAKE is going to swallow the Earth! Wherein Fr. Z rants!

From Space Weather: BIG SUNSPOTS: After more than a week of quiet, solar activity is picking up with the emergence of two large sunspot groups on the sun’s northeastern limb.  The active regions are crackling with C- and M-class solar … Continue reading

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Surprise at being quoted by an unexpected publication

Here’s a a surprise that came at me the other day.  The folks who put out the SSPX newsletter in the USA asked for permission to reproduce one of my blog posts.  Remember that post on 10 Points about prospective … Continue reading

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Tomb of St. Philip the Apostle discovered in Turkey’s Denizli

From World Bulletin, a source I haven’t heard of, comes a story from the Turkish news agency Anadolu via a reader: Tomb of St. Philip the Apostle discovered in Turkey’s Denizli The tomb of St. Philip the Apostle, one of … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: morning sickness and the Eucharistic fast

From a reader: I’m fairly early in my pregnancy yet, but I’ve been getting sick if I don’t eat regularly — about an hour is my max time before I get queasy. Unfortunately, that’s a little less than how long … Continue reading

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A cardinal’s diary recording the 2005 conclave?

The intrepid Andrea Tornielli on his Vatican Insider of the Italian daily La Stampa has a story about a “diary” kept during the 2005 conclave which elected Benedict XVI. If there really is a diary, then the conclavist, if he … Continue reading

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Non-Catholic, progressive, ecumenical site hits one out of the park about the new translation

A long-time reader alerted me to an interesting article on the non-Catholic site The Christian Century (“a progressive, ecumenical magazine based in Chicago”).  The writer, Carol Zaleski, professor of world religions at Smith College in Northampton, MA, makes some comments … Continue reading

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Bp. Trautman in the news! (Fun.)

His Excellency Most Rev. Donald W. Trautman, Bishop of Erie, has for years been in the cross hairs here on WDTPRS… rather his ideas have been in the cross hairs… rather, his wrong ideas about liturgical translation have been.  Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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The embattled Church in Eastern Asia

News from the embattled Church in Eastern Asia.  First, this from CWN with my emphases: Cardinal Zen rips Beijing’s bid to control Catholic Church July 26, 2011 Cardinal Joseph Zen has denounced the “preposterous and ridiculous” efforts by the Chinese … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: How to revive use of the altar rail

From a reader: Our parish has a beautiful altar rail with red velvet cushions. It is used at the Latin Mass (celebrated once a month). Many have asked our priest about the use of altar rail at all Masses. Pastor … Continue reading

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