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A look at Archbishop Conti’s pastoral letter which has stirred things up

Pursuant to the CNA article about the Glaswegian Archbishop Mario Conti’s exhortation to Catholics to stand for Holy Communion, there is now some considerable discussion out there in the blogosphere. Some are saying that Archbishop Conti has “decreed” in his … Continue reading

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War Dogs & Veloci-Chickens in Afghanistan

One blog I do not fail to check is Michael Yon’s Online Magazine in which he covers the lives and cares and work of the US And British Military in, for example, Iraq and Afghanistan. He is deeply involved. His … Continue reading

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“Generally the feedback has been very positive.”

On the site of the Bishops Conference of England and Wales, there is an audio/podcast with Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Executive Secretary of ICEL about the new, corrected translation. Podcast: Mgr Andrew Wadsworth of ICEL talks about the new translation of … Continue reading

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Abortion as the ultimate liberal sacrament

I don’t remember who said that abortion was the sacrament of of the hardcore feminist. CMR has this.  This is … hard. Many have long remarked that abortion is the Left’s one and only sacrament. Abby Johnson tells a story … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI asks forgiveness for “cradle Catholics” who did not pass on the Faith

When people hold something dear, they take pains to pass it one to the next generation. Before the Lord ascended, He commanded the Apostles, the Church, to go forth, to teach and to baptize (Matthew 28:19). From CNA: Castel Gandolfo, … Continue reading

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Archbp. Conti of Glasgow tells people not to kneel to receive Holy Communion

I wrote about the GIRM for the USA and standing or kneeling for Communion here. From CNA: Scottish archbishop tells Catholics not to kneel for communion By David Kerr Glasgow, Scotland, Aug 30, 2011 / 12:56 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The … Continue reading

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MSNBC, Hell’s Bible, and their treatment of anything or anyone truly Catholic. What could go wrong? From The Catholic League: MSNBC OUTDOES NEW YORK TIMES Catholic League president Bill Donohue discusses how MSNBC outdid the New York Times’ recent attack … Continue reading

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Implications of Obama Administration’s move to force Catholic hospitals to provide “contraception” and sterilizations

A few days ago in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune Fr. Peter Laird, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, had a good piece about the mandate from the Obama Administration (HHS) requiring that “contraception” and sterilizations be paid … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Should I kneel to receive Communion from the chalice?

From a reader: If I receive communion kneeling must I also receive from the chalice kneeling? Look. The smallest drop of the Most Precious Blood of our Saviour and God, Our Lord Christ Jesus, is greater in dignity than the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Was the Holy Spirit’s guidance at Vatican II infallible?

From a reader: Was Vatican II an ecumenical council with infallible guidance by the Holy Spirit, or a pastoral council which is not infallible? The Holy Spirit’s guidance is never anything but infallible.  Can the Holy Spirit make a mistake? … Continue reading

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Gladiator school of Vienna discovered

Very cool: Archeologists locate ruins of gladiator school By: The Associated Press | The Associated Press | 08/30/11 10:48 AM Archeologists say they have located and excavated the ruins of a massive amphitheater used to train gladiators east of Vienna … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: Dinosaur edition

I have finally received proof that birds really are modern dinosaurs. A reader sent me this photo.

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Today a jocular friend texted me to suggest that perhaps Pope Benedict’s appointment of Archbp. O’Brien as Pro-Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem – admittedly younger and with obviously greater military credentials than the … Continue reading

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Name day lunch

Xiao long bao… because they are the best I have had in the USA. And some spicy shrimp in garlic sauce… because they’ve had their heads hacked off. I hate platitude cookies. I expect a fortune. I detest, even more, … Continue reading

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Remember the ghastly statue of Bl. John Paul II?

You remember I am sure the horrid statue of John Paul II in front of the Roman main train station. This just in. Controversial John Paul statue looks set for makeover Artist ready to make some alterations 29 August, 16:02 … Continue reading

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