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As we finish lunch we have been contemplating some potential Latin mottos for new bishops. Doesn’t it seem that many of the mottos on episcopal coats-of-arms get a bit repetitive? Even predictable? RULES: Must be from Scripture. Cannot use Proverbs … Continue reading

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Update on the gathering

Here in perilous CASTLLLLLE DAAANGERRRR! [/echo] things are going smoothly with good weather and great fraternity. One of our bishop members had to leave, which is too bad, and some few priests joined the group yesterday as well.  Also, last … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: use of an old altar missal

From a reader: I recently inherited a 1942 Benziger Bros altar Missal. The canon was modified to include St. Joseph by a past priest. Can this missal be licitly used by a priest, providing he was following the rubrics and … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Sunday obligation when at sea

From a reader: My Grandparents are convinced that they are excused from their Sunday mass obligation because they will be out to sea on a Sunday without access to a Catholic priest. I’m worried that because they chose to go … Continue reading

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