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How about your good news?

Do you have good news for the readers?
Feel free to share some interesting and edifying point from a Sunday sermon you heard.
For my part, I have had guests over the weekend.  Also, someone I know is recovering, slowing but surely, … Continue reading

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After reading this howler from the Conference for Women’s Ordination or COW … no… that’s not it… the Women’s Ordination Conference or WOC…. whatever… take note (below) of our WDTPRS ACTION ALERT!
I’ll bet this comes from WOC’s Ministry of Irritation.  … Continue reading

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WYD and the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Via Eponymous Flower and Messa in Latino comes something from World Youth Day not covered by the mainstream Catholic media.  And one must ask why that is.
My emphases:
Traditionalist Bishops [Not the SSPX bishops. Bishops with actual faculties and authority.] Celebrate … Continue reading

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1 Oct – Sioux Falls, SD: Marian Conference at the newly restored Cathedral

There is a Marian Conference planned for 1 October (8:30 am – 3:00 pm) in Sioux Falls, SD, at the newly and beautifully restored Cathedral.
It is to be hosted by Bishop Paul J. Swain and the Office of the Marian … Continue reading

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Ante diem XII Kalendas SEPT (already) and one of the best puns I have ever heard

I meant to post this yesterday, but I get busy and forget.  While today is the anniversary of the death of Stilicho in 408, yesterday in Ancient History, otherwise known as “ante diem XII Kalendas SEPT (can you believe it?  … Continue reading

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Immodest dress in church

Matt Abbott’s recent column at Renew America starts like this:
‘This post consists of excerpts from a letter I wrote to the pastor of a Catholic parish about a certain incident that occurred at his church. I have omitted … Continue reading

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How a perfectly good Saturday can be eaten up

This is one of the things I dealt with this weekend.

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Cathedral in Phoenix to have male only altar service (includes whimsical WDTPRS POLL)

I was alerted to this article from The Arizona Republic with a note from a reader saying: “The coverage is predictably bad, but the facts are good.”
You may remember that I posted about Fr. Lankeit last January when he promoted … Continue reading

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Where you are!

Here is a snapshot of some of the places, and they could be approximations, of where some visitors to this blog are.  I cut out the “Unknown” and vaguer references to countries without additional specification.   This snapshot covers about 15 … Continue reading

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