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From the sometimes incomprehensible xkcd comes this, which is entirely comprehensible. Ask Europeans if they understand it now that their economies are collapsing, there isn’t any one to pay for their pensions, and a younger generation will soon start to … Continue reading

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Virgins… Consecrated Virgins… yes, Consecrated Virgins

In the ancient Church there were various “orders” of the non-ordained who, among other things, were involved with corporal works of mercy.  Members of these orders could have a special place in church and were well-recognized.  There was even an … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: late summer edition

I have not posted about the feeders in a long time. Here are a few shots. This finch is doing his best Veloci-Chicken imitation as he looks out for danger. I caught sight of a Killdeer a while back.  I … Continue reading

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Here are a few links to posts that are scrolling along. A new twist on attacking the new, corrected translation. WDTPRS 23rd Ordinary Sunday – imperfectly perfect sons and daughters of God Making sacred art with “theologically appropriate” techniques Proper … Continue reading


A new twist on attacking the new, corrected translation.

Do you remember the “What If We Just Say Wait?” priest in Seattle?  Fr. Michael G. Ryan tried to rouse up a movement to block the process of the new, corrected English translation of the Missale Romanum.  He had a … Continue reading

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1st Friday of September

Remember: Today is Friday… the 1st Friday of September.

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Making sacred art with “theologically appropriate” techniques

There is a very interesting post at NLM today by David Clayton about the interplay of painting technique and theology in the creation (or should that be “subcreation”) of sacred art. In sum, the writer brings in the point that … Continue reading

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Proper attire in and proper liturgical music

You should be checking out The Chant Cafe with some regularity.   I saw this over there. I thought it was apt, considering I have also lately seen a few posts out there in the blogosphere about proper attire in church. … Continue reading

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At Ironic Catholic there is a photo of an amazing sign via Fail Blog.

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What the Devil fears

Over at Vultus Christi there is a great post about Bl. Ildephonso Schuster, OSB, the Archbishop of Milan who died in 1954.  John Paul II declared him Blessed in 1996. Bl. Ildephonso was one of the great liturgists of his … Continue reading

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