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QUAERITUR: Altar breads/hosts made in USA by religious?

From a reader: Just a quick question: are there any congregations of religious women in the United States that still bake altar bread? I know many communities will sell altar bread from a large manufacturer, but not sure of any … Continue reading

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Surprise! Today Card. Scola of Milan received his pallium from Benedict XVI.

I saw in the Bolletino today that at Castel Gandolfo Pope Benedict XVI imposed the pallium today on Angelo Card. Scola, the new Archbishop of Milan. In the normal course of events, the Pope gives the pallium to newly appointed … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Why bother going to Mass in the state of sin? Fr. Z rants with hellfire and brimstone.

From a reader: Fr. Z I’m struggling to wrap my head around what the point of going to Mass if we’re not in the state of sanctifying grace. My understanding is when we fall from grace, any good works we … Continue reading

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From Space Weather: RE-ENTRY ALERT: NASA reports that UARS, an atmospheric research satellite the size of a small bus, will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere on Sept. 23rd plus or minus one day. [AAHHHG!  We don’t even know WHEN we’re ALL GOING … Continue reading

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