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New Kindles coming

I have been enjoying my Kindle enormously. I have the Kindle 3g which has a keyboard. I was sceptical at first but I have been won over. It is especially useful for books I don’t especially want to keep on … Continue reading

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NCFishwrap getting it wrong about abortion and capital punishment.

Over at the National catholic Fishwrap, Jamie Manson has flung herself headlong into another error. I won’t torment you with a fisking of the whole article.  Suffice it to say that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is said to have … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Kissing the priest’s hand

From a reader: I was coerced into attending a church function tonight with a number of the other Latin Mass members and the priest (a member of the FSSP). When the priest arrived and the greetings started, I noticed everyone … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Latin and languages in seminary

From a seminarian: I am a seminarian from the southern region of the US. Here at seminary, there are many guys, I myself included, who are more traditionally minded who enjoy Latin and orthodoxy. Others however, see that the hispanic … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI “walked through the ferocious pack of media dogs without losing his composure”

Read this whole thing. From CNA comes this about the Pope’s visit to Germany. A highlight: “(D)amage to the Church comes not from her opponents but from uncommitted Christians.” And also, “The Pope gave appropriate directions. The fate of the … Continue reading

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My friend Prof. Nancy Llewellyn of Wyoming Catholic College sent the following: Since you’re a fan of Wyoming and a strenuissimus fautor of Latin, I thought you might be interested to know that the Latin Program here at WCC has … Continue reading

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Taking it to the street

Over at Catholic Vote I saw this photo of a Greek Orthodox priest trying to stop a protester from throwing a Molotov cocktail. Impressive.  I wonder if I would launch myself in like that. BTW… I might have a chance … Continue reading

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Motu Proprio “Quaerit semper” rearranges the Cong. for Worship and Roman Rota

I have had lots of emails from people about a new document by the Lawgiver Benedict XVI entitled Quaerit semper (please stop sending me links    o{]:¬)    ), by which the Pope makes changes to the briefs of the Congregation for … Continue reading

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D. of Madison’s newspaper’s explanation of EMHC’s giving blessings as if they were priests

In The Catholic Herald of the Diocese of Madison, where the great Bishop Robert Morlino exercises oversight, there is a great article on an issue we have addressed here many times: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion giving blessings to non-communicants … Continue reading

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“The People’s Gasoline”

A friend sent me a link to this clip from Volunteers: [wp_youtube]6qLzQ4uOvio[/wp_youtube] Mind you, I am not deeply versed in or devoted to the films of John Candy, but there was something about this which sounded resonated with me.  There … Continue reading

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