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QUAERITUR: I did something stupid when the confessor thought I was a man.

From a readerette:
I went to Confession tonight and did something stupid that might have either invalidated it, or possibly was considered a sacrilege, but I’m not sure.
I have a slightly embarrassing/awkward/frustrating problem that
surfaces from time to time. I’m a woman with a … Continue reading

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London Blognic UNDERWAY

We have had about 30 people in and out.
His Hermeneuticalness has his summation HERE with a couple nice photos to boot, including the undersigned and the great Fr. Ray Blake.
It was great fun.

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LONDON BLOGNIC! 10 Oct Monday 7:30 pm at The Coal Hole

It is time for a LONDON BLOGNIC!
We are going to meet at The Coal Hole on The Strand near the Savoy. There is Holy Mass at Corpus Christi on Maiden Lane at 6:30 pm (Extraordinary Form). We … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Guidelines for “environment” for the liturgy coordinator. Fr. Z rants.

From a priest:
Read the black, and do the red seems to work well. [Do I hear an “Amen!”?] I am training a new liturgy coordinator. She will be in charge of the environment in the church. In the past that meant flowers … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Long time away from confession, but, now that I am back, I have a heavy heart.

From a reader:
I was away from the Church for nearly 20 years, and when I found my way back, the remote parish I joined often didn’t have a priest and when they did he was only there for Mass and immediately after … Continue reading

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The fruits of being inviting

For your Brick by Brick file.
I have often suggested that you, dear readers, invite people to come to Mass with you. Be inviting. People like to be invited, even if they don’t accept. And you never know what … Continue reading

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A Southwark Stop

I stopped today at Southwark’s (Anglican) Cathedral, a splendid building I hope will be soon… well… you know.
The tomb of John Gower is here, which would make the place worth a visit all by itself.

There is a memorial to Shakespeare, … Continue reading

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Chilling: SCOTUS hears case touching on right of Churches to self-determination, “ministerial exception”, discrimination

From CWN:
In argument before the Supreme Court on an anti-discrimination case, the solicitor general—representing the Obama administration—said that the government would uphold the right of the Catholic Church to preserve an all-male priesthood, [NB:] but only “because the balance of … Continue reading

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New Kindle available in the UK

Since I am in the London right now, I perked up when I found that the new Kindle from amazon is available in the UK.

Here are some USA links and comments on the Kindle I posted elsewhere.
I have the Kindle … Continue reading

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Down With Evil Corporations!

Right now in NYC some idiots are out in the street protesting corporations.  I saw some brief interviews with a cross-section of the protesters.  They seemed to be faux-communists.  Faux, because they seem not to have a clue what they … Continue reading

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