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The future depends on diocesan priests

My good friend Fr B – whom I hope to see soon – sent notice of a gathering of priests and future priests in New Jersey. A group of diocesan priests got together with the mighty Fr Pasley of Mater … Continue reading

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Prodigies apart, people are born simply to love and to be loved.

I have wondered from time to time whether or not how many prodigies the likes of Bach have been aborted, creative healers such as Salk or poets such as Eliot have been ended before their birth.  Leaving aside the prodigies, … Continue reading

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WDTPRS REVIEW: Editions of the Roman Missal with the new, corrected translation

Several priests have asked me my opinion about editions of the Roman Missal with the new, corrected English translation. They don’t know which version to purchase and wanted my insights. One priest wrote with additional information. Here’s the list: Liturgical … Continue reading

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A priest who prays for priests is cold

I am always grateful when I see donations pop up in my email.  I get a real shot in the arm from your generosity and great practical use: they lift my spirit and make ends meet. You have from time … Continue reading

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Curiouser and curiouser!

A reader sent a link to a photo of the new Mars Rover, Curiosity, just as it was being sealed into its capsule for the ride to Mars! Another great shot HERE. For more, HERE.

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News about Toowoomba, Australian bishops

Remember Toowoomba?  The Holy Father accepted Bishop Wm. Morris’s un-proffered resignation after years of misguidance of the diocese. From CNA with my emphases and comments: Australian bishops to issue Toowoomba statement By David Kerr Vatican City, Oct 19, 2011 / … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: More than one language during Mass. Fr. Z rants.

It fascinates me how often questions on a similar idea come in at the same time. From a priest and from a student (edited): Here in Ireland, it sometimes happens that, when Mass is being celebrated in English, some parts … Continue reading

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Warriors of the Night

With a tip of the biretta to CMR:

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QUAERITUR: Can we go through a “haunted house”?

From a reader: Is it okay for a believing Catholic to go through a “Haunted House” during Halloween time? Hmmm… I guess so. I am not sure why someone would want to do that, but, okay. I suppose it would … Continue reading

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