Reader feedback about Mystic Monk Coffee and Fr Z’s remarks about a useful spiritual book

From a reader:

I thought I’d write and share an excellent experience I had with Mystic Monks (again).

Back in December, I ordered several bags of “Jingle Bell Java” from the monks for the Christmas Season. My wife and I had one bag prior to Christmas and we were not all that impressed with it. It wasn’t bad tasting, but it wasn’t amazing either, as everyone had been raving. For some time after Christmas, due to budgetary constraints, we weren’t able to order from the Monks.

About a month ago, When we finished the last bag of grocery store
blend, I found an extra bag of Jingle Bell Java buried in the
cupboard. I opened it and the experience was like the discovery of a
fine wine that just needed to age a bit. It was absolutely incredible!
Either I had an unusual dud bag back in December, or this coffee gets better with age. I lean towards the latter.  [I lean toward that first bag being not sealed well.  Coffee doesn’t usually improve with age.]

Having subscribed to a monthly Six bags, I now have revitalized my own effort to to evangelize by introducing people to God’s Coffee.

Benefits to subscription.

  • It is cheaper.
  • The coffee comes on a schedule.
  • The monks can budget more easily.
  • You feel good about helping them and Fr. Z too!

I’d say that’s swell!

I noticed that someone recently ordered in a single order:

First, note that tea order.

Second, see that Divine Intimacy?

That is a beautiful leather bound volume put out by Baronius Press.  I have it and use it daily.  It is a valuable Carmelite spiritual resource which gives you meditations through the liturgical year.  Anyone can benefit it every day, though it follows the older, traditional Roman calendar.  It would be a good gift for someone who participates mostly in the Extraordinary Form, though everyone can follow it equally well.

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6 Responses to Reader feedback about Mystic Monk Coffee and Fr Z’s remarks about a useful spiritual book

  1. I wish I liked coffee more. It’s such a bond with other men.

  2. My mom and step-dad paid a visit to the Monastery and purchased quite a few pounds of Mystic Monk coffee. They shipped a pound to us and we really enjoyed it very much. We were blessed to help them drink another pound when they came for a visit recently.


  3. MJ says:

    Pumpkin Spice…ahhhh…Starbucks has this flavor (it’s seasonal) and it’s difficult not to stop in & get myself one…only the knowledge that Starbucks is one of “those companies” that shouldn’t be supported keeps me from my pumpkin spice. I’ll have to try the monk’s version!

  4. irishgirl says:

    ‘Mystic Monk Tea’ and ‘Divine Intimacy’….hey, that rhymes!
    I have the book, but I’m too ‘poor’ to buy the tea.

  5. mvhcpa says:

    Don’t worry, Dr. Peters, I have never been a “coffee achiever” either. MVH

  6. tealady24 says:

    I order Mystic Monk all the time; their blends are sublime.

    As is Divine Intimacy. Try it for yourself.