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The Feeder Feed: Christological Finch Edition

The Met in New York has a new acquisition. It is a splendid painting by Perino del Vaga, a student of Raphael, who was very active in Rome and Genoa.
The painting was recently cleaned.

Here is His little Goldfinch.

From another era … Continue reading

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Fortune Alert!

Is this actually a fortune?

Please choose your best answer, and give your reason in the combox.

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Attention Bakers! Cool Catholic Custom Alert! Souling Cakes for All Souls

“Soul soul for a souling cake
I pray you, missis, for a souling cake
Apple or pear, plum or cherry
Anything to make us merry …”

Here is a cool custom to boost your Catholic Identity Quotient for this super Catholic day, All Souls.
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By the fruits of the fruits

I saw this graphic at CMR:

I read in the New York Post this morning a story about a young woman who lost her job because the Occupy idiots have driven down business in the shop she worked in.  Business declined.  … Continue reading

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