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Platitude Cookie Alert!

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Fishwrap promotes a “sermon” by a wywymprystess

The National catholic Reporter … quousque tandem?
The Fishwrap brings us today the “sermon” of a woman who thinks she is a priest.  She is a member of the big-puppet crew, the wymynpryst thingie.
Honestly, as I read this I had a … Continue reading

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More Christmas shopping ideas: Angelus Press will have free shipping.

The nice people at Angelus Press wrote to let me know that:
… this upcoming Monday, November 28, Angelus Press will be offering Free Shipping on all orders to the continental United States.  I’m letting you know since I think that … Continue reading

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Reader challenge: craft a response

From a readerette (as is):
I am a lady of an age group that never was allowed on the alter. I
always love to see the little server girls and so wish it had been
allowed in my day. I am a Eucharistic … Continue reading

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New architecture and music “team” at the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship?

From the intrepid Andrea Tornielli of Vatican Insider. Not my translation, but my emphases and comments:
New Vatican commission cracks down on church architecture
The new commission will be established shortly, as part of the Congregation for Divine Worship. It will also … Continue reading

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On WaPo we find this tendentious poll.

I’m not suggesting how you should vote… but…
Here are the results so far.

UPDATE  22 Nov 1324 GMT:

UPDATE  22 Nov 1552 GMT:

UPDATE  22 Nov 2134 GMT:

UPDATE 23 Nov 2206 GMT:

UPDATE 30 Nov 0038 … Continue reading

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