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QUAERITUR: simultaneous Masses v concelebration

From a reader: Canon 902 states that “Unless the welfare of the Christian faithful requires or suggests otherwise, priests can concelebrate the Eucharist. They are completely free to celebrate the Eucharist individually, however, but not while a concelebration is taking place in the … Continue reading

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Detroit: New orchestral Mass premiered at Assumption Grotto, composed by the parish priest!

I posted about the comments made by Msgr. Miserachs-Grau about the state of sacred music. Now I would like to share something about a friend of mine Fr. Eduard Perrone at the great Assumption Grotto parish in Detroit. He is … Continue reading

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A fun statistic for readers who use my amazon links

Many thanks to those of you who have been using my links or the boxes on the sidebar!  In particular thanks to the people who go into amazon and do shopping other than for the book or object I … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: About negative judgments for “annulments”

From a reader: Archbishop Sheehan’s Pastoral Letter on Couples who are cohabitating was published in my church bulletin, ….  I belong in the third group. My husband, who is not Catholic, was married in the church in Diocese A. After 20 … Continue reading

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More on Card. George’s comparison of the homosexual parade to a KKK demonstration.

From the Chicago Tribune: Cardinal defends comparing gay parade organizers to Ku Klux Klan By Brian Slodysko Tribune reporter 1:03 p.m. CST, December 28, 2011 Setting off a new round in his dispute with gay right activists, Chicago’s Cardinal Francis … Continue reading

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“The rediscovery of Gregorian chant is a sine qua non condition to give back dignity to the liturgical music.”

When thinking and writing about music appropriate for liturgical worship I have always gone back to what the late Church musician Msgr. Richard Schuler correctly asserted: since sacred liturgical music is NOT an add-on in worship, since it is actually … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! POLL ALERT! “Are religious rights being trampled on by government?”

Perhaps other blogs will pick this up and help. An article from the ultra-liberal New York Times (“Hell’s Bible”) is posted on the even more liberal MSNBC. The article concerns the objections of the USCCB against pressure from the Obama Administration and/or states … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookie Report: Completely Stunned Edition

I’m flabbergasted! It’s actually a fortune and not a platitude! For the rest, the Xiao Long Bao attained a 5, and Chongqing Ji a 7. Nice service, however. Not at all the usual surly indifference you deal with in most … Continue reading

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The Feeder Feed: Venetian Christological Goldfinch Edition

At the Met in NYC there is a nice exhibit of paintings and drawings of the Venetian school. Here is a Madonna and Child Enthroned by Lorenzo Veneziano (+1372), obviously a Venetian painter. There are touches of the byzantine in … Continue reading

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Something amazing and revolutionary during the Holy Father’s Midnight Mass … which I missed.

Something remarkable occurred during the Holy Father’s Midnight Mass. I had a note from a long time reader about this.  I didn’t see the broadcast of the Mass this year, but it is archived and it can be viewed on … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: A priest says he offers confessions, but there are long lulls.

From a priest: Blessed Christmas to you. Thanks for your response today to the person asking about writing the bishop about having priests here more confessions. “However, don’t forget to ask the parish priest, the pastor of your parish, to … Continue reading

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Wheatless Hosts… Noooooooooooo.

Holy Church’s Canon Law closely follows Holy Church’s infallible teaching when it comes to discipline of the sacraments. The Church’s doctrine holds that valid matter for the Eucharist is a form of bread made from wheat.  In the Latin Church … Continue reading

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Of Atheists and Inebriation. Fr. Z rants with the help of the Catholic League. A great book recommendation.

My visit yesterday to the Catholic League’s Nativity Scene on 5th Ave and 59th (by Central Park) reminded me of their advice for attending parties at this time of year.  In case you didn’t see their excellent suggestions, here they … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Ringing bells during Mass

From a priest: I’m looking for the reference, which I once read, about the option of ringing a bell as a signal for receiving Holy Communion during the Mass. In the past, I’ve always instruted the altarboys to ring the bell once when … Continue reading

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‘Did you see that hoopoe?’ cried the man in the black coat.

I posted about my mediated encounter in a gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a story-telling Hoopoe. HERE. All of a sudden, the memory swarmed into my my, like an able-seaman into the foretop. A Hoopoe makes an … Continue reading

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