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Fox News show “Huckabee” has two powerful pro-life segments

I caught Mike Huckabee’s weekend show tonight. After he interviews three of the four presidential candidates (ho hum), in the second part of the show, he interviewed a woman named Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived during a rape.  A conversation … Continue reading

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The Holy See did NOT approve NeoCat liturgical variants for Mass

The other day I posted about a certain approval given by the Holy See to some thing the NeoCats do. At the time, I speculated that this was NOT an approval for the NeoCat liturgy, which many were (rightly, I … Continue reading

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COLLECT 3rd Sunday after Epiphany: shelter from the attacks of Hell

Today’s Collect was in the ancient Veronese and Gelasian Sacramentaries, and so it represents the best of the liturgical tradition of the early Church in Rome, formed out of the cultural, intellectual, spiritual milieu of the era. It survived the … Continue reading

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Collect 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Some less than doctrinally-minded Christians are under the false impression that Catholics think we can “earn” our way to heaven by our own good works, as if our good works had their own merit apart from God. Catholics believe that … Continue reading

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The fruits of fixation!

Just. Too. Cool. From Astronomy Pic of the Day comes this very cool photo. What’s going on? Here is part of their very cool description: From solstice to solstice, this six month long exposure compresses time from the 21st of … Continue reading

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What is Pres. Obama’s attack on the 1st Amendment really about?

I’ve been thinking about how Pres. Obama is no longer even pretending to seek “common ground”, as he said when he duped Notre Dame against the will of the American Bishops.  Pres. Obama, through his surrogate catholic Sec. of HHS, … Continue reading

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