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1953 – Pius XII to American seminarians: be holy, be heroes, be officers of the Church Militant

In looking for a quote by Pius XII, a reader directed me, us, to a speech of Ven. Pius XII delivered on 14 October 1953 (Acta Apostolicae Sedis 45 (1953) pp 679 ff.) at the opening of the North American … Continue reading

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Angry! Disgusted! ARRRRRRRCH – – GAAH .. *cough – III

Here is an old rant, slightly updated, about TV commercials before the deeply and stupidly commercialized “Valentine’s Day”. The stupidest jinned up commercial “holiday” of the year is just around the corner.  And you men are required by commercial advertisers … Continue reading

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Reader challenge: find the source of a quote

There is a quote attributed to Ven. Pius XII, who may have said it or written it in 1953.  I haven’t found an actual source yet.  Which document or speech is this from? “We belong to the Church Militant; and … Continue reading

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Who needs a liturgical Beretta when you can have one of these!

We have had a little fun in the past about the proper uses of the Beretta during liturgical worship. Now I find this photo on the blog Deacon’s Bench. This was taken during Holy Week 2011 in Iraq. Can I … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can parishes stop baptizing during Lent?

From a reader: Our pastor has a policy of no infant baptism during Lent. We have baby due prior to Ash Wednesday and would like to baptize son after. I am under impression canon law mandates infant baptism soon after … Continue reading

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Benedícite, ómnia ópera Dómini, Dómino

Benedícite, ómnia ópera Dómini, Dómino: * laudáte et superexaltáte eum in sæcula. Benedícite, Angeli Dómini, Dómino: * benedícite, cæli, Dómino. Benedícite, aquæ omnes, quæ super cælos sunt, Dómino: * benedícite, omnes virtútes Dómini, Dómino. Benedícite, sol et luna, Dómino: * … Continue reading

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You can suggest names for the new cathedral in the Diocese of Orange, California.

You have heard that the Diocese of Orange (in California) acquired for their new cathedral the well-known “Crystal Cathedral” which was a protestant mega-church. Think what you want about the building, it’s done now.  It may be that some surprisingly … Continue reading

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“This isn’t China! This is America!”

I saw an article on CWN which made me think about the Obama Administration and Pres. Obama’s attacks on the Catholic Church and on the 1st Amendment. Cardinal Zen urges tougher stand against Beijing’s intrusion in Church affairs Cardinal Joseph … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood’s sacrament

I have sometimes said, and I am not alone in saying it, that in the religion of liberalism abortion is like a sacrament. I just read this on LifeNews.com about the new head of Planned Parenthood’s abortion super-store in Texas. … Continue reading

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ACTION ITEM! POLL ALERT! Ultrasound before abortion.

At The Daily Telegraph, a UK paper and site, there is a poll which could use some attention. It concerns an issue in the USA, namely, a law in Texas that requires women to view an ultrasound image before an … Continue reading

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