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Reader Feedback: To priests who hear confessions.

From a reader:
Reverend and dear Father:
I would like to thank you and all priests.
Because of your blog and other priests’ blogs on the net I have gone to a full and complete confession for the first time in years.
It is really … Continue reading

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NY Dem pro-abortion “catholic” Congresswoman booed for supporting HHS attack

A parish priest helped organize some feedback for a NY congresswoman Kathy Hochul (D-NY 26 – Buffalo) running for re-election, a catholic who supports abortion and Pres. Obama’s attack on the Catholic Church and on the 1st Amendment.
Rep. Hochul is a … Continue reading

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Pres. Obama and apologies

This puts it in perspective:

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1st Vespers in Latin from the Breviarium Romanum with a single frill

Since it is the 1st Vespers of the 1st Sunday Lent I sing the famous hymn.
I made a PODCAzT about the hymn.  Didn’t I?  No?  Hmmm… I guess I may have to make one.

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A writer’s first experience of Mass “ad orientem”

Matthew Warner has a piece in which he descibes participating at Mass ad orientem for the first time.
My emphases and comments.
Not too long ago, however, I attended an Ordinary Form of the Mass where the priest was facing away from … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Books for singing the Novus Ordo Mass in Latin

From a reader:
I know that the Liber Usualis and the Graduale are the two main places to find the appropriate chants for any given feast day in the Extraordinary form of the Mass, but I was wondering where one is … Continue reading

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Saturday confession reminder

It is Saturday during Lent.
Please think about going to confession.
You might consider offering to give a ride to someone who is shut-in or without transportation.

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Pres. Obama owes you and me an apology!

Mr. President, you owe me and millions of American Catholics an apology.
You apologized to Islamic extremists and other Muslims abroad and in the United States for something done against the Islamic faith by mistake.
What you are doing to the consciences … Continue reading

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