LENTCAzT 02: Thursday after Ash Wednesday – Let Christ be the pattern

Today is Thursday after Ash Wednesday.   The Roman Station is San Giorgio in Velabro.  Bl. John Henry Newman was once the Titular Cardinal of this ancient little church.

Don’t forget!   It’s Lent!

awardTomorrow is Friday during Lent.  Remember your Friday Penance.  Also, at the parish or your chapel is a service of Stations of the Cross scheduled?

Are you going?

Ash Wednesday and Ashes

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This series of daily, 5 minute long podcasts during Lent is intended to give you a small boost every day, encouragement in your own use of this holy season.

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16 Responses to LENTCAzT 02: Thursday after Ash Wednesday – Let Christ be the pattern

  1. pinoytraddie says:

    Will you do an EASTERCAzT?

  2. liebemama says:

    Thank you, Father!
    Thank you for posting the LENCAzT so early in the day. For all of us in Europe and beyond! [“and beyoooond!” I will try to get these out around midnight my time, which is about 7 CET.]

  3. guans says:

    After the Ash Wed mass, Fr. led an extra Pater, Ave and Glory Be in order to preserve our religious freedom.

  4. Father K says:

    Also if you receive Holy Communion on any Friday in Lent you can obtain a plenary indulgence by reciting the prayer before the crucifix [En ego] after Communion, under the usual conditions. [Excellent point!]

  5. JenB says:

    I did not read my bulletin thoroughly, and thought I was going to Mass, however it was a service led by one of our deacons and with no Eucharist. :(

    As far as Lenten Fridays go, if one observes the Friday abstinence from meat year-round, what is the Lenten observance?

  6. eyeclinic says:

    And we had Holy Water in the stoup!

  7. B Knotts says:

    I received ashes at a Missa Cantata according to the Dominican Rite. It was wonderful, and Father gave an excellent homily about Satan, sin and free will!

  8. gloriainexcelsis says:

    I had to make a choice. With the current gas prices, and on a fixed income, it was Ash Wednesday or The Stations of the Cross and Mass on Friday. I chose Friday, and will try to attend every Friday during Lent. I try to make First Fridays and First Saturdays. I may have to choose there, too. With Sundays and another day, it’s about all I feel I can do right now.

  9. Also, today is the 1st class Feast of the Chair of St. Peter for the FSSP–transferred to Feb. 23 this year because Feb. 22 (yesterday) was Ash Wednesday. It is also the 5th anniversary of the erection of the Confraternity of Saint Peter, whose lay associate members can therefore receive today a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions.

  10. jfm says:

    In hospital at work all day (14 hours). Received ashes from a Protestant minister.
    Would it have been better not to receive them?
    I know Ash Wednesday is a feast celebrated by many Christian denominations, and the theology as it relates to giving of ashes, reminder of mortality, recommitting to the gospel, is also very similar.
    I know we cannot receive communion from Protestant denominations, but am I in trouble for the ashes. It was a quick decision.

  11. I received ashes at a Solemn Latin Mass at a local parish in the city who does the TLM on Sundays, and even spotted a few of my serving acquintances there and met some cool young people too!

  12. Laurinda1230 says:

    Do you plan on updating the LENTCAzT page with the podcasts each day or only certain days/times? I just noticed that the podcast for today isn’t updated there. I’m sending out emails to family and friends recommending they make an effort to listen each day as part of our increase in prayers during Lent.

    Thanks for these, Father, they are beautiful. I love hearing the music you choose, your voice, and the information you have to pass along.

  13. acardnal says:

    Fr. Z, Poll Suggestion: Are your parishes conducting Stations of the Cross on Fridays? Are you planning to attend?

  14. SegoLily says:

    Well, my two children and I went to our Cathedral parish knowing the service would be ultra lengthy and ultra beautiful as we have one of the most reknown choirs in the states, and though it is the Novus Ordo, the liturgical music is of the highest quality. However, we live 20+ miles from the parish and knowing that they would have been awake for 12 hours and famished, having eaten lunch 6 hours earlier with no in-between snacks, my children were spent. They attend public schools, BTW, which are less than 5 miles from the Cathedral–that’s why we chose to go there. In addition, my son had tennis practice after school, so his stomach was a-grumbling. I reminded him that it is good to be hungry in unity with those who are always hungry. I had explained fasting and abstainance, and I did pack them a hearty lunch of tuna on an “everything bagel”. My son gave up sweets and soda and he’s never had so much fruit in his lunch! My darling daughter decided to improve her prayer life by taking up the rosary during Lent. They are 14 and 16.

    We arrived early, found a parking spot, lit two candles for Gramma and Papa in front of a poorly rendered sculpture of “Our Lady of Zion”. (The Virgin appears ultra masculine with hands bigger than Kobe Bryant’s cradling our Infant Lord) . We then entered the gaspingly beautiful nave of the Cathedral, found our pew, prayed, sat down, and listened to endless tittering by girls behind us. Mass then commenced with procession of full adult and children choirsters, two priests, two deacons and endless Eucharistic ministers (is that term verboten? I forget!) The first and second readings were done in irritating cadences in the style of what was put forth for lectors by some manual I was given years ago by a very progressive DORE. (Is that the publisher out of St. Louis?) The accented words were ALL WRONG. This unnatural and irritating style of reading was executed by a woman. The only point I will make on the sermon is that the take home messages seemed to be “guilt has no useful purpose” and that “sin can’t hurt God–he’s too powerful for that–sin hurts us” and “this Lent come home to God”. In this day and age, most at Mass on Ash Wednesday need a something a little more meatier, IMHO.

    Well, we got our ashes, and left!!! before the Offertory. On the way home I got a ticket for making an illegal U-turn. Sheesh. Earlier that day I had told my kids that God works in strange ways!

  15. Amyjo says:

    I went to Mass and received my ashes. It was the NO, and nicely done. Only complaint is listening to the song “Ashes.” (Which I offered up.:) )

  16. pm125 says:

    Stations of the Cross are scheduled for Fridays at noon and Thursday nights after the 6:00 Mass.
    A different deepening experience just happens each time. Another parish I visit didn’t schedule Stations, but there is all day Adoration on Fridays. Catholicism is so rich – and now these Lentcazts and more background and otherwise unheard music. Wish I knew how to post pictures – a parish (~1900) that closed has the most Beautiful stations I’ve ever seen, though that is only several. And not counting the ones in Jerusalem.