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Video from a priest about Pres. Obama’s HHS mandate attack on the 1st Amendment

From PhatMass.com, Fr. Claude Burns has a video with a message about Pres. Obama’s attack on the 1st Amendment and on the Catholic Church. [wp_youtube]GaWma3taEEE[/wp_youtube] “But Father! But Father!”, some of you will be saying, “Father has his back to … Continue reading

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Call me overly suspicious

Remember the Lesbian who was denied Holy Communion in the Archdiocese of Washington DC?  Check HERE. While it is possible to discuss whether can. 915 was properly applied, the oddest part of the incident raised the question of why this … Continue reading

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New scandal to hit Ireland?

As the first line of the following says, this isn’t a story you are likely to see covered by the New York Times. A new sex scandal may be stirring up in Ireland. On Media Report we read this: Huge … Continue reading

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Have you noticed?

Yes, the main website of the Holy See, vatican.va, is down.   It was attacked by a anarchist “hacker” group. There will be more of this sort of thing in the future. Remember my Litany for the conversion of internet … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Wearing a veil while distributing Communion.

From readerette: Would it be inappropriate to wear a chapel veil while Eucharistic ministering? First, you are not a Eucharistic Minister. You are an Extraordinary Minister of Communion. I cannot see any problem with a woman wearing a chapel veil, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: When does the Eucharistic fast start? Before Communion or before Mass?

From a reader: Does the Eucharistic fast before Mass begin an hour before Mass starts or an hour before you receive Communion. I’ve heard different answers all my life, and some clarification would be great. Thanks The Eucharistic fast is … Continue reading

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SEATTLE: Wed 7 March – Solemn TLM with Archbp. Sartain

I had a note from a reader which gave little information other than that it seems that His Excellency Most Rev. Peter Sartain, Archbishop of Seattle, will participate at a Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form  … tonight, Wednesday 7 March. … Continue reading

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CL: Lefty “catholics” shilling for Pres. Obama

From The Catholic League: Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows: The Catholic left is so deep in the tank for Obama that they are working publicly to undermine the bishops. First a little background.  [cf Magisterium of Nuns] … Continue reading

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Safe, legal and rare

For two summers in Rome I lived with Ukrainian Catholics.  They had their Divine Liturgy each morning and I attended.  They appreciated the contribution of my bass singing voice.   One of the things I noticed in their Rite that … Continue reading

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Confession for the first time in close to four years.

From a reader: I don’t know whether you’ll get a chance to read this email, but I just thought I would send you a quick note and say thank you for your constant prodding to go to confession. Thanks to all your … Continue reading

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