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Sally Quinn of WaPo: a lesson in getting it wrong.

Sally Quinn of WaPo offers her stunningly shallow take on the reforming efforts by the Holy See and USCCB now being applied to the LCWR (a subsidiary of the Magisterium of Nuns). Aside from the risible claims Quinn makes, I found … Continue reading

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Ex ore infantium perfecisti laudem! A must see video.

This is stupendous.  Take a few minutes to watch this. [wp_youtube]5LFPTwVMUVE[/wp_youtube] Biretta tip to Kathryn Lopez.

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Denver priest ‘pulls out the big guns’: TLM outside Planned Parenthood

Here is something Life News to stir the heart. Fr. Joseph Hearty. OORAH! Denver priest ‘pulls out the big guns’ on Planned Parenthood: says Mass on the street outside clinic BY CHRISTINE DHANAGOM Mon Apr 23, 2012 DENVER, CO, April … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family And Freedom Before It’s Too Late

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! We are in a world-wide crisis that encompasses every sphere of our lives.  There is an economic, moral, religious and intellectual decline that threatens to bring down our respective countries.  We are deep within … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI explains to German bishops what the “pro multis” really says.

The Holy Father has explained to the bishops of German-speaking countries what the prayer really says. Just as the document Liturgiam authenticam required a revision the English liturgical texts, all the different languages need revision, including German.  You may recall that the … Continue reading

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Tweeting for the Magisterium of Nuns

The acolytes of the Magisterium of Nuns, such as Fr. James Martin, SJ, of America Magazine, are pretending that the Holy See’s effort to reform the the LCWR is about Republicans and politics, or about their “social justice” work. Fr. … Continue reading

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