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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

What was a good point of the Sunday Sermon you heard today? Let us know.

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Headlines… differently

As some of you have read, I have been studying for the Ham Radio license exams. I have pretty much absorbed the Technician material, and have moved on to studying the General material.  I am also absorbing Morse Code. To … Continue reading

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“Theologians” against bishops on unnatural sex

From Catholic World News: Theologians blast US bishops on same-sex marriage Three theologians who teach at Jesuit institutions  [Jesuit schools again … what a surprise…] –Paul Lakeland of Fairfield University, Daniel Maguire of Marquette University, and Frank Parella of Santa Clara … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can Catholics be Masons?

From a reader: Recently I spoke with someone, who said Catholicism and Freemasonry would be compatible. I don’t really believe this. What’s the teachong of the Church about this matter? Catholics may not be Masons or belong to masonic organizations. … Continue reading

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WDTPRS 5th Sunday after Easter (1962MR) – meat, not goop

I am going to drag you through a sustained rant about liturgy, punctuated by Latin vocabulary and Neo-Platonism. First, to be grown up Catholics we need a Mass for grown ups. Our Mass should give us thick red steak and … Continue reading

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