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May I ask for your prayers for three personal intentions?

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Please pray for this dead Chinese bishop

In your charity will you stop and pray for this man?

Restrictions in place for bishop’s funeral
Officials say ‘no’ to honoring status of Changzhi prelate who died last week reporter, Changzhi
May 30, 2012Government officials have barred the Church community from … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: A regular confessor, anonymity and the Seal

From a reader:
I make frequent use of the Sacrament of Penance and have a regular confessor. It’s always “anonymous,” but not anonymous. It’s awkward. The priest knows it’s me, but when he’s giving counsel he gets caught up on trying come up with … Continue reading

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Saudis Demand McDonald’s Be Punished For Happy Meal Toy

Via Sancte Pater comes this from Inquisitr:
(The Inquisitr) The people of Saudi Arabia are furious with the McDonald’s fast food chain for a toy which they say desecrates the name of Muhammed, the prophet of Islam. They are demanding retribution.
According to … Continue reading

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Have you told your Senator to oppose LOST? The “Law of the Sea” Treaty?

The “Law of the Sea” Treaty (LOST) would, if ratified by the Senate, undermine U.S. sovereignty.  LOST is also called the “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.”  It would give huge power over many spheres of America trade … Continue reading

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From SpaceWeather:
Space Weather News for May 29, 2012
ASTEROID FLYBY: A small asteroid is flying past Earth today inside the orbit of geosynchronous satellites and only 14,000 km above the surface of our planet. Named “2012 KT42,” the 3- to 10-meter … Continue reading

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CDF publishes the 1978 norms about apparitions and private revelations

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has been doing their job.  They have published … get that? … published… something that has been around awhile.
“Norms regarding the manner of proceeding in the discernment of presumed apparitions or revelations”
From … Continue reading

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A new Archbishop for Denver

Denver has a new Archbishop: His Excellency Most Rev. Samuel Aquila, formerly of Fargo.
We have read about him quite a few times here.
You may remember that during this round of ad limina visits, the Holy Father received well certain propositions … Continue reading

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More beautiful art from Daniel Mitsui! Five new color prints, including Pentecost, Christ the High Priest (think “ordination gifts”!)

I have written several times about the art of Daniel Mitsui.
For Mr. Mitsui’s site click HERE.
He has sent me a few more things, this time from a series of drawings for the Holy See’s Vox Clara Committee (the translation liaison … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: I don’t know if the priest gave me a penance during confession. Are my sins forgiven?

From a reader:
I went to Confession this weekend and the confessor was a man with a very thick [FOREIGN] accent. On top of that, while pronouncing the absolution he seemed… a little out of it (that sounds like a bit … Continue reading

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