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Fishwrap’s Litany of Sisters

There will be no end of sentimentality upon which the Fishwrap will play in support of the LCWR and the Magisterium of Nuns.
Someone sent this to my email and I had to post it.
Here is the – I promise you … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Confessions during Mass – revisited

From a reader:
This past Saturday, I experienced several of the issues you have written about regarding going to confession. Seeing it was getting late in the afternoon, I attempted to go to confession at the parish nearest where I was … Continue reading

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Liberals and feminists desperately crave Rome’s approval

Do you know the term delectatio morosa?   Sometimes the German term Schadenfreude is used.  It effectively means taking pleasure at the discomfort of another.    It isn’t a good thing to feel or to foster and we should fight the tendencies … Continue reading

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A few London sights

I haven’t posted much in the line of photos from the London trip so far.  Here are a few.
From Brompton Oratory.

Rabbit at Racine after Mass, where I meet a nice family I met with Fr. Trigilio in the USA.

I watched … Continue reading

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A bishop nixes iPads, apps, for liturgy

I have written about this here and here.
From CathNews New Zealand:
NZ Bishops: No liturgical use of Roman Missal iPad Apps
The Roman Missal apps for iPad may not be used in the liturgy.
The New Zealand Bishops have told their priests that … Continue reading

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Gopher tuna. Bring more tuna.

In the 1930’s composer Carl Orff set some mediocre but amusing medieval Latin (mostly) poems, such as drinking and student songs, to music and called the collection Cármina Burána (yes, those are the correct syllables to accentuate, yes, it’s Cármina and … Continue reading

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A reminder about Sr. Farley and abortion

A little discussed fact as you carry on your own discussions about the CDF’s Notification about Sr. Farley’s dreadful book and the grand-nutty feminists/liberals are throwing.
From CWN:
“The CDF warning is not the first public confrontation between Sister Farley and the … Continue reading

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TRANSIT OF VENUS TODAY – rarest of all eclipses – 5 June 22:10 UTC – 6 June 4:50 UTC – the last in our lifetimes

Explanation: Today Venus moves in front of the Sun. One way to follow this rare event is to actively reload the above live image of the Sun during the right time interval and look for an unusual circular dark … Continue reading

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