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An exhortation about marriage and its meaning, its sacrifices, graces and joys

Because of the entry I wrote about Extraordinary Form Nuptial Masses for mixed-faith couples, I was prompted to re-read an exhortation which was often used (and still can be) at the time of the sermon by priests in the USA … Continue reading

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As they scroll along, here are some recent posts. First, because we need to help each other out by works of mercy: YOUR URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS And now… Card. Burke on concelebration, priests ad-libbing and saying Mass in the state … Continue reading

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Card. Burke on concelebration, priests ad-libbing and saying Mass in the state of mortal sin

As you know, I think concelebration should be safe, legal and rare.  I also think that priests should stick to the words in the books and do what the rubrics say.  I, moreover, think that priests who continue to commit … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can Catholics join Rotary or the Elks, etc?

From a reader: I am aware that as Catholics, we may not join masonic organizations. My question regards the Elks and the Rotary club? Do they fall under the same prohibition or is membership in these two organizations permissible for … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: The “Three Days of Darkness” and You

From a reader: I see you’ve posted about CMEs again [HERE] (I *think* I remember you addressing CMEs as a TEOTWAWKI situation before…). [If a really big one hits us head on, yes, I think it could be.] This all … Continue reading

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New Gregorian chant recording by the seminarians of the FSSP!

For your Brick By Brick file. There is a new CD or (digital download – no waiting and one less thing to dust or pack when moving!) of Gregorian chant and polyphony (Palestrina) sung by the seminarians of the Priestly Fraternity … Continue reading

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Dancing Through The World & Where You Are

I have posted about this fellow, Matt Harding, before.  His videos always provoke me to smile. [wp_youtube]Pwe-pA6TaZk[/wp_youtube] Sometimes I think I would like his job. Then I remember that I already have it! Here is a snapshot of some of … Continue reading

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Of Episcopalians, Surgery, and Self-Parody

Episcopalians can be a rich treasure trove of self-parody. They just keep pushing those cusp issues so that they can stay in the news… thus, confirming their existence. I was sent this story: INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Bishops go Transgender at GC2012 … Continue reading

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A note about the SSPX and their status in the Church (or not!)

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! I have been getting email from fans of the SSPX who object to my saying that the SSPX needs to be reconciled with the Roman Pontiff.  They object to my claim that they do … Continue reading

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What can happen to you if you refuse to pay ObamaTAX

The First Gay President and his minions such as Doctrix of the Church Nancy Pelosi got the Affordable Care Act passed… so that we could know what is in it. As you may know, if you decide to pay the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Mixed marriage and the Traditional Latin Mass

From a reader: I am going to marry a Lutheran girl next year, and we would like to have a Tridentine wedding celebrated within mass. However, I was warned that, because of Universae Ecclesiae, some current laws may not apply, and it … Continue reading

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CME Season

If there is a massive ejection of material from the Sun, a coronal mass ejection (CME), billions of tons of charged particles hurled out into space, which strikes the Earth, and if the polarity of the mass lines up with … Continue reading

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