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ACTION ITEM: Remembrance of things past.

Our friends at Rorate have posted about comments made by His Excellency Most Rev. Robert Lynch, Bishop of St. Petersburg in Florida, on his blog … did you know he had a blog?… about the bad old days, the older form … Continue reading

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Gang of Priests: war stories

When priests get together for a while, conversation will turn to seminary and parish war stories. Weddings will be included among those war stories.  Included could be a few things we wish we could say. First, it is amazing how … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: How many priests are in the SSPX?

The SSPX says that they now have 569 priests. Remember that the SSPX, or FSSPX, is a “priestly fraternity”, a “society of priests”.  Lay people don’t belong to the SSPX, though there are some associated groups. Meanwhile, Benedict XVI is … Continue reading

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Will Christianity supplant Islam in Iran?

During the annual meeting of our “gang of priests” we have heard informative talks about Islam.  A propos the topic, this was forwarded by a priest friend and participant in our meeting.  From God Reports with my emphases and comments: … Continue reading

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Reason #5863 for Summorum Pontificum

From the site of the Italian daily La Repubblica comes this. CAPTION: Melissa, a street-artist, play the sax during Mass. She earns her living in the streets with her saxophone. Melissa has always had a dread: to play in a … Continue reading

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New Glaswegian Archbishop predicts jail for supporting true marriage, traditional family

I have heard, and I think this may be anecdotal, that Card. George quipped that his successor might wind up dying in jail. The England and Wales and Scotland are farther along in the culture war that we are in … Continue reading

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The SSPX’s “sine quibus non” conditions

From the intrepid Andrea Tornielli: […] The latest version of the doctrinal preamble – discussed by cardinals of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and approved by the Pope – is considered by the Holy See to be … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI: above average

More than seven years ago, on April 19th, 2005, Benedict XVI was elected Pope. On average, Popes usually reign for 7.19 years. Now, Benedict XVI has surpassed that average. [wp_youtube]pEseBlORSy0[/wp_youtube]

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QUAERITUR: Variations in reciting the Rosary

From a reader: On Wednesday before Mass a friend of mine leads the public recitation of the Rosary. She inserts after the Fatima Prayer in each decade this pray; Jesus, protect and save the unborn and the sanctity of life. … Continue reading

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