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1 August: Long-Awaited Olympic Hyper-Excitment Sporting UPDATE!

You are probably about to clamor for updates in TEAM HANDBALL. Actually, it’s FIELD HOCKEY today. But first, remember this? I do! [wp_youtube]CVFWEhqUAPw[/wp_youtube] Remember what happened next?  I do. The Men: The Women:

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Cold-pressed, iced-coffee!

During the summer months I occasionally mention iced-coffee. Did you know that the Wyoming Carmelites have a coffee maker especially for iced-coffee? Ecce! The Bodum Iced-Coffee Maker. It is like a French press. You add the coffee and cold water, stir (always … Continue reading

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Spiffy photo of real nuns on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day!

For Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, a friend sent me this spiffy photo of real nuns. I’ll bet the Magisterium of Nuns has boycotted Chick-fil-A. Tonight I will make chicken in solidarity with Chick-fil-A. By the way… on Monday I ate beef, … Continue reading

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Sorting stuff

Some highlights of my sorting and throwing efforts. Here is a spiffy black velvet Low Mass set. The black is intensely so. I haven’t used it for a long time, now that I think about it. A detail: Eleven years … Continue reading

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Charlotte’s Ungol

Amusing from xkcd:

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Black Pastor blasts The First Gay President. Must see video.

Did you see this video?  It is on The Daily Caller. Get a load of this! A black pastor reacts to The First Gay President’s pro-sodomy pandering. Remmeber, dear readers, that “same-sex marriage” is NOT NOT NOT a civil rights … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Is a penance assigned in confession a canonical obligation?

From a reader: Dear Fr Z, I’ve been reading back some of your old entries on penance and the efficacy of sacramental absolution, and they have helped clarify many things, so thank you for that! I do, however, have a … Continue reading

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Archbishop Viganò put his finger on a nerve concerning Catholic education and women religious

My friend The Motely Monk has a very good post today at The American Catholic. I can’t reproduce the whole thing here, but when you go read that, note that the writer is reclaiming from the liberals the concept of … Continue reading

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Paying their “fair share”: empty and cynical rhetoric

CMR reminded me a scene from a show that I really like: The West Wing. “But Father! But FATHER!” some of you are saying. “You like that lefty show?” Yes.  I like it.  And as we are into this horrible administration, the … Continue reading

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