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Translators “often” accidently leave things out. This time the lacuna concerns the SSPX and the Novus Ordo.

Translation can be hard.  Even when it isn’t, translators are sometimes rushed or tired.  However, it is good to pay attention to get all the words, especially those pesky little words that can change completely the sense of a sentence. … Continue reading

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There is a new and very bright comet out there.  Which of course means that it is the end of the world as we know it… maybe.  Maybe not.  In any event, it should be bright! And we might need … Continue reading

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Papyrus fragment gone wild!

Remember the ridiculous “Mrs. Jesus” papyrus fragment flap? L’Osservatore Romano, taking a break from commentary on The Simpsons, has offered a view.  This time, however, the editor, they seem to be on target. A papyrus adrift “Harvard scholar’s discovery suggests … Continue reading

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“He was going to be a major leaguer, absolutely”

The writing is a bit scrambled, but have a look at this story of a fellow who gave up a promising career in baseball (the sport God loves best) for a vocation with the Norbertines in Orange, California: SILVERADO, Calif. … Continue reading

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