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John XXIII, Benedict XVI, and the “speech to the moon”

Tonight there was a candlelight procession in Rome from Castel Sant’Angelo to St. Peter’s Basilica.  Benedict XVI spoke to the crowd and made a reference to the famous – especially because it was informal – speech to the crowds by … Continue reading

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A newsreel account of the opening of Vatican II

A newsreel account of the opening of Vatican II. I thought the mention of Telstar and Card. Mindszenty were interesting: [wp_youtube][/wp_youtube] UPDATE: A couple more.  These are from an Italian TV documentary.  It is gushy, but the images are interesting: … Continue reading

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Will you watch the VP debate?

I have been working on a talk I have to give.  But tonight I will take a little time to watch the VP debate. Seriously, I think while Rep. Ryan will use a scalpel when speaking to economic issues, VP … Continue reading

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Of papyrus fragments. “Mrs Jesus” … getting a divorce!

Remember the Jesus’s wife papyrus fragment that had liberals and womenpriest wannabes all in a flutter?  HERE. I saw this at  First Things: Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: Forgery Confirmed? Thursday, October 11, 2012 Anna Williams In the weeks since Harvard … Continue reading

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Cool spacey stuff: bouncing on Titan and Martian carwashes

First, The Huygens probe has landed on Saturn’s moon, Titan. There is a description and animation of how it hit the surface and then bounced, slid and wobbled into its resting position.  HERE.  Huygens was ferried to Titan by the … Continue reading

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Splitters: A few priests form the Society of St. Pius X of the Strict Observance

When you break off from the Church’s duly appointed shepherds, only trouble follows.  Schism is rather like an old fashioned women’s silk stocking: once it get’s a snag in it, it’s all over. The snag turns into a run that … Continue reading

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You will recall that The Tablet recently published a dopey editorial about Vatican II. They got just about everything wrong. I wrote about it HERE. It seems Pope Benedict agrees with me. In his homily for the opening of the … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: A stable group petitioned the Extraordinary Form, but the “parish council” says NO!

From a young reader: I am a sixteen year old boy, who has requested a TLM mass at my parish a number of times unofficially. After getting several unsatisfactory results, I decided to send a short concise petition to the … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI on Year of Faith: “a pilgrimage in the deserts of today’s world, taking with us only what is necessary”

“Reference to the documents saves us from extremes of anachronistic nostalgia and running too far ahead, and allows what is new to be welcomed in a context of continuity.” Thus, Benedict XVI during his homily for the Opening of the Year … Continue reading

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DETROIT 13 October: Call To Holiness Conference

Those of you anywhere near Detroit will be glad to know that the 14th Call To Holiness Conference will be held on Saturday, 13 October.  Lot’s of information about the conference HERE. Today is the last day (until midnight EST) … Continue reading

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Leadership reconsidered

Reminds me of something.   What was it again…. hmm…

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