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Brick by Brick and Biretta by Biretta

From a reader:
I just received a phone call yesterday asking my husband and I if we would be willing to pay for a biretta for our parish priest so he could go for training in the Extraordinary Form. We said … Continue reading

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The Doctor and the Great Time Warp

Today is the feast of St. Teresa of Avila.
There is an interesting story about the Teresa and our present, modern Julio-Gregorian calendar.
In 1582, the ancient Julian calendar (organized by, yes, Julius Caesar and still observed by many Orthodox Christians) officially … Continue reading

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Do you have some good news?

Let us know about some good news you can pass along to the readers.  Give people a boost!

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STrib whines about Knights of Columbus help for the MN Marriage Amendment

In the ultra-liberal newspaper of my native place, the Star-Tribune, there is a wacky article trying to turn Catholics against the Knights of Columbus, because the KCs are donating to help the Marriage Amendment to the Minnesota constitution.   Here … Continue reading

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Video interview of a bishop who attended all the sessions of Vatican II

From CNS:

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