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“Tell me now if it is possible for you to have faith in your heart and not tremble.” – St. Leonard of Port Maurice

Today in the Novus Ordo calendar is the feast of St. Leonard of Port Maurice (+1751).
In one place, St. Leonard expounds on the number of those who make it to heaven. He is not optimistic. And he gives reasons.
Christ died … Continue reading

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Curran Fishwraps Häring. Groovy!

Fishwrap tapped one of their darlings, former-Catholic theologian and dissenter Charles Curran, to write an encomium of the late Fr. Bernard Häring, CSsR, whose “proportionalist” legacy in moral theology is decidedly mixed.
First, Curran in his piece, reputedly about Häring, winds up … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Can a priest in the confessional assign AA meetings for penance?

From a reader:
Can a priest give AA meetings for a overindulgent penitent?
WHAT?!?  Noooo… bad idea.
Look. A priest can, I guess, give whatever penances he can get away with.   If the penance is too onerous or impossible, or too vague … Continue reading

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When TEOTWAWKI comes, will you have had enough coffee?

It is “Cyber Monday”, as the online retailers are calling it!
I guess this is a secular money day of obligation.
Okay… now that you are online… buy some …
Mystic Monk Coffee!
There are so many good reasons to refresh or build … Continue reading

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Your Good News!

Do you have some good news for the readers?
Will you tell us what it is?

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