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Rumor… that’s it… rumor… UPDATED

Sigh… I am going to keep the combox on moderation. A site HERE is reporting rumor that… I have been informed of an upcoming clandestine meeting of clerics who were recently expelled from the FSSPX. These priests were invited to leave … Continue reading

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A shot in desperation (no… not about the gun debate) – POLL

When a last shot is all you have! This is making the rounds today with the caption: This video will make you smile http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKam0zfEDHs&feature=player_embedded#! So…. did it work?

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ENGLAND: 1000 priests and bishops sign letter against redefinition of marriage

Today the UK’s daily The Telegraph published a letter to the editor signed by some 1000 priests and bishops about the Tory party’s attempts to redefine marriage. One quarter of the priests in England. I am proud of my brethren across the … Continue reading

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Of a hand-held radio, a US Senator, a concealed hand gun, and a cri de coeur

When I got interested in Ham Radio, I discovered on YouTube some video offerings from “USNERDOC“, a fellow in Oregon who was in the Navy and is an emergency medicine doctor.  He has gotten into Ham Radio, in part, to … Continue reading

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“Seeking the truth meant more than the taunts of the world, so apparently clever.”

Benedict XVI’s sermon for Epiphany was “classic Ratzinger”. I put the text with comments HERE. Last Tuesday’s @Pontifex tweet project was: @Pontifex Holy Father, thank you for your Epiphany sermon! During the Mass, Benedict consecrated four new bishops.  In his sermon, the … Continue reading

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Other-specied hate piece from Eye of the Tiber

From the amusing Eye of the Tiber comes this species-ist hit piece. Why pick on trolls? Tifton, GA–Catholic troll Phillip Karabin, writing under the handle P90XcelsisDeo, has been patiently scouring the internet looking to passionately defend everything he holds dear, his friends are … Continue reading

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Obamic Irony

After the sad election last November, the President joked around with Barbara Walters on ABC about his daughters being surrounded by guns all the time.  I am sure that, as a father, he thinks that’s a mighty fine perk. His … Continue reading

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