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Bp. Olmsted (D. Phoenix) issues pastoral letter to priests about importance of Confession

From the onset, Fr. Z Kudos to His Excellency Most Rev. Bp. Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix for his new Pastoral Letter on CONFESSIONS! The letter is called “Apostles of Mercy” and it is directed to the Priests of the Diocese … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point from the sermon you heard at Mass this weekend? Let us know what it was.  

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Secular Kansas City paper about Bp. Finn and the National Schismatic Reporter

From the Kansas City Star: Bishop Finn airs frustration over KC-based National Catholic Reporter Finn objects to editorial positions taken by the Kansas City-based newspaper. BY ALAN BAVLEY The Kansas City Star The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kansas … Continue reading

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WI Sheriff urges people to arm themselves, get training, because of cuts to law enforcement.

There is a phrase which is becoming more popular:  I carry a gun – because a cop is too heavy. Here is a story from Milwaukee which a friend forwarded. Keep in mind that Milwaukee is not exactly a bastion … Continue reading

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NYC 1-3 Feb – a great Forty Hours, and an item for art lovers – Brumidi!

My trip to the nation’s Capitol has the painter Brumidi fresh in my mind. Here is some great news sent from a friend in New York City about more work by Brumidi together with a sacred event everyone in the … Continue reading

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Tulsa Day 1

I am in Tulsa! There is a conference for priests on exorcism sponsored by the Diocese and Bp. Slattery which I have wanted to attend for the last three years. The evening began, however, with sung (Novus Ordo) vespers in … Continue reading

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Fishwrap’s Kennedy wrong about Flannery’s heresy.

Over at the Fishwrap, the National Schismatic Reporter (the paper of record for heretics which has hijacked the name “Catholic”), failed-priest Eugene Cullen Kennedy wrote a thought – not a very good thought – about the Irish heretic Fr. Flannery, … Continue reading

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Changes in the Roman Curia affecting catechesis and seminaries

I was busy yesterday and missed this at  The Holy Father changed the “competence” of some dicasteries of the Roman Curia. He moved responsibility for Catechesis from the Congregation for the Clergy to the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization … Continue reading

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My View For A While

The March For Life was a great experience. I will seriously consider doing it again next year. At the airport I was able to enjoy for the first time the fruits of TSA Pre-check, which made security seem almost like … Continue reading

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One priest’s tips for a better celebration of Holy Mass

At the site of the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, there is an interesting piece by a priest who gives tips for a better celebration of Holy Mass, am improved ars celebrandi.  There are tips for the priest … Continue reading

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“Zero Question” – NCReporter’s use of “Catholic” in title is canonically illicit.

“Finn was too kind to them.” That is Prof. Ed Peters, canonist over at his fine blog, In The Light Of The Law. Peters has written about the Bp. Robert Finn’s column about the National catholic Fishwrap… Reporter.  Bp. Finn, … Continue reading

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FOLLOW UP -March for Life: Where was NCR? LCWR? Nuns on Bus? CHA?

I am looking for March for Life photos of the banners and contingents from the Fishwrap (National catholic Reporter), the Catholic Health Association, the Nuns on the Bus, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. Anyone? Photos?

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Washington DC Day 3 – The March for Life

Friday begins with Mass at Old St Mary’s in the Usus Antiquior in honor of Nellie Gray. Confessions are being heard during Mass, which is always nice to see. It is also great to see young people with March for … Continue reading

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Bp. Finn calls out the National Catholic Reporter

The National Catholic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) conspired with others who are openly hostile to the Catholic Church to intimidate His Excellency Most Rev. Robert Finn into silence. The fact is, the NCR is not a “Catholic” paper or news source. … Continue reading

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Washington DC Day 2

The day started with breakfast with a friend and then the National Gallery. Here is a lovely Christological Goldfinch! A closer look. I then met a congressional staffer for lunch and a tour of the Capitol. Since a while back … Continue reading

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