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Hijacking the language of the pro-life movement

I have been saying for a while now that the liberal catholic left’s spittle-flecked interest in stricter control has little or nothing to do with a true pro-life agenda. Fishwrap (aka National catholic Reporter) and their ilk have hijacked the … Continue reading

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NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo – excommunication? Can. 915?

Prof. Ed Peters, canonist (whom I still think is wrong about a question concerning Mass obligations – but I digress), has posted something instructive about catholic politicians who truly need some medicinal help from Holy Mother Church.
We enter in medias … Continue reading

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Washington DC Day 1

I arrived in the nation’s capital. At the airport with Michael Voris, Fr Frank Pavone, and Fr Nicholson.

I like that my hotel has gargoyles.

I just finished lunch with authoress and speaker Dawn Eden.
Now to the portrait gallery.
Tonight … who … Continue reading

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Concerning the National Anthem and its public singing

I thought about this during the National Anthem the other day, while sung at the sad inauguration and tweeted that often find these pop singers deeply annoying.  A Twitter respondent opined that these poptarts and others place their style before … Continue reading

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WASHINGTON DC BLOGNIC Friday Evening, 25 January – after the Pontifical Mass (Usus Antiquior)

[Watch this for updates.  Apparently there is something after the Pontifical Mass that may conflict for some people.]
Since there is going to be a Pontifical Mass (Usus Antiquior) at Old St. Mary’s in Washington DC. (5th and H Sts. NW), this … Continue reading

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Fishwrap gins up the Catholic gun control debate – POLL

Over at Fishwrap I was amused to see Michael Sean Winters go after Nicholas Hahn of the far more serious Crisis Magazine who opined that the US bishops and papal spokesman Fr. Lombardi ought to butt out of the gun-control … Continue reading

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PRAYER REQUEST: March for Life, Washington DC

May I ask all of you to ask God, through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, to bless the people participating in the March for Life in Washington DC with good and clement weather?

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Lutheran Ordinariate coming?

Vatican Insider has something today about some Lutherans who are getting nervous about the Holy Father establishing an Ordinariate for Lutherans, along the lines of that which he established for Anglicans.
“A Lutheran ordinariate? That’s a bad sign”
An ordinariate for Lutherans … Continue reading

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Dissident Irish priest about to get hammered into the ground by the CDF.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s process is slow and patient and respectful, to a fault, when certain people and their odd theological notions come under study.  It takes a lot to get scrutinized by the CDF in … Continue reading

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Closely related to the biretta…

For your Just Too Cool file.
I noticed this during the stomach turning broadcast of the President’s inauguration, but here is a post with a photo.  Check out First Things:

Kevin Walsh of the University of Richmond School of Law writes:
The twitterverse is … Continue reading

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