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Remember that stupid, wicked and gawdawful book by David Yallop full of unsubstantiated and prurient speculation about an assassination of Pope John Paul I?
When the speculation about the secret “Vatileaks Report” started to rev up, with its scandalous possibilities, Yallop … Continue reading

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Amusing video on “How To Become Pope”

There is a semi-cute video out there which explains in a nutshell “How To Become Pope”.  The video has a flawed premise in that the priesthood, episcopacy, cardinalate, and papacy are described in terms of a career path for those … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Sundays, open restaurants, and you.

From a reader:
I have had a discussion with a good traditional Catholic that has told me going out to eat after Mass on Sundays, or for that matter any Holy Day of Obligation, is a sin against the 3rd commandment. … Continue reading

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A word from the “Committee to Re-Elect the Pope”

I have been posting about Re-Electing Ratzinger as Pope.  In fact the “Committee to Re-Elect The Pope” issued bumper stickers and magnets, yard signs and buttons HERE.
We need a man who will stand in continuity with Benedict XVI in many … Continue reading

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Blog problems AGAIN – and a happy bit of news about spam and registration

Friends, I know there are intermittent blog problems today.
Please ask your Guardian Angels to get rid of Titivillus or whomever it is and also that the support team gives this some timely attention.
It seems that every time a new story … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Are deacons “ministers of the cup”?

From a reader:
I am a Candidate for Holy Orders as I prepare for ordination to the diaconate in 2015. We are being told that as deacons we are ministers of the Cup. For our formators this means when there are … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI’s new Motu Proprio about the Conclave

The Holy Father – Pope Benedict XVI now gloriously reigning – released a Motu Proprio (in Latin) by which he empowers the Cardinal Electors to move forward the day of the beginning of the conclave.
The canonist Ed Peters has looked … Continue reading

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Card. O’Brien’s resignation – Cardinal Electors down to 115

We read that – because of allegations “of inappropriate behaviour towards priests dating from the 1980s” – His Eminence Keith Card. O’Brien, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, is resigning his see and will not participate in the conclave even though … Continue reading

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…tick… tick… tick… tick…

From xkcd:


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Berlin, NJ: Mater Ecclesiae (EF) parish prepares to say farewell to Pope Benedict (as Pope)

My friend Fr. Robert Pasley of Mater Ecclesiae parish in Berlin, NJ sent this:
 We, at Mater Ecclesiae, in Berlin NJ, owe a great debt of thanks to Pope Benedict XVI. We will always have a very special place for him … Continue reading

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