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QUAERITUR: Extraordinary Ministers of Communion giving blessings as if they were priests

From a reader: I talked to our parish Director of Liturgy today about our 12 (!) Eucharistic Ministers who routinely bless children and adults. She informed me that this has been approved by our bishop, and then berated me for … Continue reading

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Tu es Petrus (a nice tribute)

From my friend John Sonnen: (322 views as of this posting)Many have gotten these.  

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Bp. Sheridan: the Fishwrap is “an embarrassment to the Catholic Church”

You know that I am now calling Fishwrap (aka National catholic Reporter) the National Schismatic Reporter. You know that Bp. Finn of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph finally called out the NSR and pointed out that his predecessor determined … Continue reading

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On this day in 1945…

On this day in 1945, Marines from 3rd Platoon, E Company, 2nd Battalion, 28th Regiment, 5th Division of the United States Marines Corps raised the American flag on the summit of the 500′ high Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. A … Continue reading

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Great video on the “Dome of Home”

Here is a great video about the “Dome of Home”, a large church near Liverpool, England, in the Diocese of Shrewsbury entrusted now to the Institute of Christ the King. And please remember to VOTE today.

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“If heretics no longer horrify us today”… it’s NOT because we are more charitable

I picked this up from Let Nothing You Dismay: “If heretics no longer horrify us today, as they once did our forefathers, is it certain that it is because there is more charity in our hearts? Or would it not … Continue reading

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Benedict makes change to the inaugural Mass of the next Pope

I am in general a nihil innovetur kind of guy, but here is a change I can believe in. From CNS: Pope Benedict changes rituals for new pope’s inauguration By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope … Continue reading

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“nothing was required of me but to pray”

At Ignitum Today there is a entry by a gal who attended a “Traditional Latin Mass” for the first time in years. The first part of the piece: […] This Sunday by happy accident (no one could find the 3 year … Continue reading

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On the feast day, congratulations to the Anglican, Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Peter!

In these USA there has been established – due to the provisions in Anglicanorum coetibus approved by the Pope of Christian Unity (presently reigning) – a Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Peter! Fr. Z kudos to all those who made … Continue reading

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Nuns and Ohio voter fraud

A priest friend sent me this. I wonder Sr. Simone Campbell thinks about this. From A Greater Cincinnati nun is suspected of illegally casting a ballot for another nun who died before last November’s election, a new case of … Continue reading

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Interesting papal trivia

At the improving Catholic News Service there is an interesting papal trivia post. Check it out HERE. As with baseball, the accumulation of small pieces of information can be of critical importance in that moment of greatest need! Here is … Continue reading

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Papal spokesman on SSPX, last minute gesture from Pope Benedict

There has been some chatter about the possibility that before 28 February Pope Benedict would do something for the SSPX. An 11th hour sign of benevolence, perhaps. I doubted that. Today the papal spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ, mentioned this … Continue reading

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Re-Elect The Pope gear “in the wild” – BUTTONS AVAILABLE

The Committee To Re-Elect The Pope was formed on the day Pope Benedict announced his resignation. We all, I think, want a man who stands in continuity with Benedict and understands and share his vision about a range of things, … Continue reading

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Question to readers for clarity’s sake: Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood – What’s up?

I have found that when I place a question here to the readership, experts (and non-) come out of the woodwork. So, I put a question to the readers. Do you know what the situation is right now with the … Continue reading

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Wherein Fr. Z considers doing something questionable

I am – horribile scriptu – considering subscribing to the online New York Times (aka Hell’s Bible) for the duration of all the papal stuff going on. Know your enemy, after all. Even as I think about this, I keep … Continue reading

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