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Solemn is not the enemy of humble

A priest friend sent this quote from C. S. Lewis, A Preface to Paradise Lost: This quality will be understood by anyone who really understands the meaning of the Middle English word solempne. This means something different, but not quite … Continue reading

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Francis to say Holy Thursday Mass at a prison

I was right on the verge of extending my time in Rome through Holy Week… right on the verge…. then I got on the airplane at the appointed time, which I properly guessed (the day after the “inaugural” Mass). I … Continue reading

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Court upholds monks right to make and sell caskets

A small triumph for freedom of religion and a free market. From the New Orleans Times-Picayune: St. Joseph Abbey casket sales can’t be stopped by funeral industry, federal court rules A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that monks at St. … Continue reading

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Lego “Habemus Papam”

For your Lego by Lego file. At the blog Shower of Roses there are fun pictures of a Lego “Habemus Papam” scene made by kids.  Fun! Go see the others there.  

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Biden and Pelosi received Communion at Pope Francis’ Mass. Can. 915? WHEN?

Pro-abortion catholic Democrats Rep. Nancy Pelosi and VP Joe Biden received Holy Communion at Pope Francis Mass for the beginning of his pontificate on 19 March. Canonist Ed Peters has this at his good blog about canon law. Nancy Pelosi will … Continue reading

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Catholic Congressmen who support abortion – educated in Catholic schools

From CNS (check out their spiffy feed on my side bar) comes this, which can serve as an answer to why Bp. Vasa of Santa Rosa is keeping an eye on his Catholic schools: Majority of Congressional Members Educated at Catholic … Continue reading

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Dominican Sisters compete in TV Bible quiz show

For your Just Too Cool file from CNA: Santa Monica, Calif., Mar 17, 2013 / 04:03 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Three religious sisters are participating in a unique evangelization effort by competing on a Bible trivia game show in hopes of … Continue reading

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The rediscovery of dignity in Sacred Music

I have in the past mentioned Sr. Joan Roccasalvo, CJS, who has some intelligent things to say (about which I agree for the most part) about sacred music.  She has another offering at CNA, to which I want to point … Continue reading

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Dear Traditionalists,…

I had this from a reader. He said he was not advocating these things. However, liberals will advocate them. I’ve got some other suggestions.  But first the wacky liberal stuff: I have an idea for a blog topic – how … Continue reading

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Bp. Vasa (D. Santa Rosa) getting blow-back for requiring Catholic teachers to adhere to Catholic ways

Remember what Bp. Vasa is doing in Santa Rosa?   He is requiring that teachers in Catholic schools live – gasp! – according to Catholic teachings and mores.  Imagine such a thing! The Cardinal Newman Society, which focuses on the … Continue reading

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Of the Pope’s mozzetta…

I read on an Italian blog (and so this is at the level of rumor for now) that the Roman ecclesiastical tailor shop Gammarelli sent a mozzetta over the the Apostolic Palace.  A mozzetta is the elbow length red cape, … Continue reading

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What Does The Pope’s Motto Really Say? The Latin motto explained.

The motto of Pope, “Miserando Atque Eligendo” has aroused some people to send me questions.  What’s with the Latin?  What are those -nd- forms?  Are they gerundives?  People are getting some things wrong. “Lowly and chosen”, some have suggested.   … Continue reading

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I am thinking about those red shoes.

I am thinking about the infamous red shoes.  I am thinking about the non-wearing of the mozzetta.  I am thinking about the growing juxtaposition in some conversations of simple liturgy versus lofty liturgy. Some people are saying, “O how wonderful … Continue reading

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What Did St. Francis Really Say? – 3

Now that we have a Pope named Francis, and all sorts of people are making references to St. Francis of Assisi in an attempt to pigeonhole this new Pope, we should consider who Francis of Assisi really was, what he … Continue reading

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Liberals will soon turn on Pope Francis

We are still a bare few days into the pontificate of Pope Francis. I have therefore declined to gush out lots of entries here, burbling my every half-formed notion about what is going to happen. I have also avoided surfing … Continue reading

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