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The Pope and silicone wrist bands – heh heh!

From Vatican Radio:
(Vatican Radio). We’ve all noticed the yellow band Pope Francis has been wearing on his wrist since his election.
A simple rubber band [aren’t they actually silicon?] that photographers and media have brought to the attention of the public … Continue reading

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Pope Francis to diplomatic corps: a glimpse at his program?

His Holiness Pope Francis gave an address to the diplomatic corps which deserves attention:

As you know, there are various reasons why I chose the name of Francis of Assisi, a familiar figure far beyond the borders of Italy and Europe, … Continue reading

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Michael Voris on attacks on Francis and Benedict

Michael Voris has some good things to say about the negative reactions to Pope Francis.

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Did Pres. Obama quote Saul Alinsky in speech in Jerusalem

I got this from Weasel Zippers (live that name):
JERUSALEM – In his address in Jerusalem today, President Obama channeled Saul Alinsky, citing the radical community organizer’s defining mantra as he urged young Israelis to “create change” to nudge their leadership … Continue reading

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Solemn is not the enemy of humble

A priest friend sent this quote from
C. S. Lewis, A Preface to Paradise Lost:
This quality will be understood by anyone who really understands the meaning of the Middle English word solempne. This means something different, but not quite different, … Continue reading

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Francis to say Holy Thursday Mass at a prison

I was right on the verge of extending my time in Rome through Holy Week… right on the verge…. then I got on the airplane at the appointed time, which I properly guessed (the day after the “inaugural” Mass). … Continue reading

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Court upholds monks right to make and sell caskets

A small triumph for freedom of religion and a free market.
From the New Orleans Times-Picayune:
St. Joseph Abbey casket sales can’t be stopped by funeral industry, federal court rules
A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that monks at St. Joseph Abbey near … Continue reading

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Lego “Habemus Papam”

For your Lego by Lego file.
At the blog Shower of Roses there are fun pictures of a Lego “Habemus Papam” scene made by kids.  Fun!

Go see the others there.

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Biden and Pelosi received Communion at Pope Francis’ Mass. Can. 915? WHEN?

Pro-abortion catholic Democrats Rep. Nancy Pelosi and VP Joe Biden received Holy Communion at Pope Francis Mass for the beginning of his pontificate on 19 March.
Canonist Ed Peters has this at his good blog about canon law.
Nancy Pelosi will not change … Continue reading

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Catholic Congressmen who support abortion – educated in Catholic schools

From CNS (check out their spiffy feed on my side bar) comes this, which can serve as an answer to why Bp. Vasa of Santa Rosa is keeping an eye on his Catholic schools:
Majority of Congressional Members Educated at Catholic Universities … Continue reading

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