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For Fishwrap, El Pueblo knows best!

Over at the National Schismatic Reporter, Michael Sean Winters has a supremely naïve piece (for which I hope he was paid by the word).  Winters lays out a grand plan for Pope Francis to reform the Roman Curia and why. … Continue reading

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Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia calls for destruction of churches

From the Christian Telegraph: Saudi Arabia declares destruction of all churches in region Earlier this month news reports surfaced out of Saudi Arabia that raised the red flag for Christians, reports MNN. Todd Nettleton, a spokesman for the Voice of … Continue reading

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Does a California bill really classify pedophilia as a “sexual orientation”?

UPDATE: 5 April 13:19 GMT From information provided by readers in the combox, below, you will see that there were a lot of problems with the information about the bill and the issues.  That’s why I posted the title in … Continue reading

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Dippy coverage from Reuters on Pope Francis’ General Audience

It is hard to imagine how wrong newsies can be… and then you run into the abysmally twisted report from Reuters about what Pope Francis said today in his Wednesday audience about women. Pope stresses “fundamental” value of women in … Continue reading

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A diocesan “morality clause” in Louisiana

Bp. Vasa has had a bumpy ride in Santa Rosa in implementing a provision that teachers in Catholic schools not live or teach in open violation of Catholic teachings. Now I see that in the Diocese of Lafayette, a Catholic … Continue reading

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