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Card. O’Malley to boycott Boston College when they honor pro-abortion Irish PM

I wrote HERE about Jesuit-run Boston College’s plan to have anti-Catholic catholic, pro-abortion Prime Minister of Ireland Enda Kenny speak at commencement and then confer on him an honor. Outrageous. Shades of Notre Shame. Now I read at the site of … Continue reading

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WDTPRS Do It Yourself: Friday after (transferred) Ascension

Here is an exercise for you Latinists out there. Here is the Collect for the Friday after Ascension where Ascension is transferred to Sunday. Exaudi, Domine, preces nostras, ut, quod tui Verbi sanctificatione promissum est, evangelico ubique compleatur effectu, et … Continue reading

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I’m feeling bad for the nuns today

I am feeling really really bad right… sad even… for the poor oppressed nuns of the LCWR.  They are so “spiritually bruised” by male patriarchy (as Jamie pointed out the other day HERE). Whenever feel bad, I like to sing … Continue reading

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Another view of Pope Francis’ correction of women religious

It is hardly a surprise that bloggers and Catholic media outlets are not writing in greater detail about what Pope Francis told the international sisters group the other day. Given that the American sisters over there were wowed by the … Continue reading

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