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I have a few ways of letting of steam and keeping my eye sharp. Two of them are the batting cage and the firing range. Today I went shooting with a friend on the Minneapolis Police Department in really old … Continue reading

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Ramifications of the new normal

With the rise of the homosexualist agenda I am seeing more news reports, on both sides of the pond, about state sponsored “anti-bullying” campaigns for children in schools. I really dislike bullies, which is one reason why I go after … Continue reading

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Men want arguments!

With men, as men, about things that matter. No passive aggression tonight! I’m on my home turf this evening, at St Augustine’s in S. St. Paul, MN. Happily I am here on the date of what has become a huge … Continue reading

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How the LCWR, Magisterium of Nuns, get around the Church’s teaching and hierarchy

I missed this the other day. On review, it is important enough to post about. Over at Fishwrap, the National Schismatic Reporter, there is an interview with the head of the LCWR, Sr. Florence Deacon, from 7 May, while she … Continue reading

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The Pope wasn’t killed by a nail to the skull

Because of the abdication of Benedict XVI we had reason to turn the pages of our history books back to the resignation of Celestine V. Who can forget that image of Benedict, then Pope, laying his pallium on the glass … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Why won’t the bishop let a priest come to say the TLM?

From a reader: Can my Bishop refuse to allow a priest from another diocese to say the TLM in our parish? Our priest needs someone to cover the Latin Mass during the summer and a priest from an another diocese … Continue reading

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Pope Francis out for a spin … and a March for Life in Rome

Did you see this? From CNA: Vatican City, May 13, 2013 / 08:25 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pro-lifers who had just finished the third annual Italian March for Life on Sunday were surprised to see Pope Francis coming toward them in … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: I found a Host at my mother’s house. Wherein Fr. Z rants a little.

From a reader: While visiting my parents’ home (they are not Catholic; I am a convert), I was invited up to look at something on Mom’s prayer table. I forget what it was … but out of the corner of … Continue reading

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Rail by rail!

One for the Brick by Brick file. I had a note from a friend in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, where the great Bishop Robert Finn presides. At St. Andrew the Apostle on the north side of KC, Fr. … Continue reading

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Of flower petals, firefighters, dedication, and holes in the roof

Today is the anniversary of the Dedication of the Roman church Santa Maria “ad Martyres“, which took place in 609.  This church is also called the Pantheon. Since on upcoming Pentecost, Roman firefighters will be dropping red rose petals through … Continue reading

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Pope Francis canonizes the Martyrs of Otranto, slain by Islamic invaders

Today Pope Francis conducted for the first time the venerable rite for the canonization of saints. Among the new saints are the Martyrs of Otranto.  In his sermon, Francis said: Today the Church proposes for our veneration a group of … Continue reading

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Beati qui…

Someone shared with me a graphic that indicates the amount different states of these USA tax your beer.  From TaxProf: Did you that the last voice in the mighty Lewis & Short Dictionary is for a form of Egyptian beer?  

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QUAERITUR: People who walk away with Hosts

From a reader: twice in a month I have seen two examples of people receiving the Body of Christ but not consuming it in my diocese. Thankfully both Priests were strict in how they dealt with this. In the first … Continue reading

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WSJ on “The Trials of Father MacRae” – IMPORTANT

Falsely-accused Fr. MacRae blogs at These Stone Walls. I bring to your attention this important article in the Wall Street Journal: Rabinowitz: The Trials of Father MacRae He was convicted when it was obligatory—as it remains today—to give credence to … Continue reading

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Not quite like my view of a couple years ago… At that time our frequent contributor “Andrew” wrote: Quemadmodum vero tulipae, quae sub vesperam ingruentem se claudunt, sole illustri panduntur; ita virtus et eruditio, post Dei benedictionem, floret laetius.

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