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My view for a while

I am in flight delay limbo, languishing in a lounge.

STILL in limbo. But I think the flight may be en route!

Five Hours and endless excuses later…

I finally got home, after 1 a.m., hours after the schedule.

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Your Good News

Do you have some good news?  Let us know.

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Of Latin and Sunday collections

I was alerted to an interesting point found in a parish bulletin.
Old Saint Mary’s in Cincinnati provides information about the weekly totals for the collections at Masses.  The totals for 26 May were interesting.  HERE

Given that the 11 o’clock is … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Is enduring a migraine a substitute for Friday penance?

From a reader:

Would enduring a headache or migraine constitute a proper substitute for a Friday penance?

I’ve seen in others how intense the suffering is.
Enduring any illness can be penitential. Suffering can be offered up for the good of one’s soul (and for other … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

What were the good points you heard for your Sunday sermon?

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