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“Francis”can learning curve

I have mentioned at various times since last March that Francis needs to learn how to be Pope and that we need learn how to let him be Pope. I saw this in a Reuter’s piece (about the Empty Chair) by my … Continue reading

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From the Peanut Gallery

I post this for your amusement more than anything else.  Jimmy Carter, since his passing from the White House, has been the nutty uncle in the garage (save some building projects he had). From It’s not news when irrelevant people … Continue reading

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Of Carbonara and an Onomastico

I am, thanks to some of you readers, now ensconced in my apartment in Rome. I met friends tonight for supper. Some of you said that you live vicariously through travel entries, so I will obliged as time permits. The … Continue reading

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Girl Scouts who openly to worship themselves

From Breitbart: GIRL SCOUTS OF BRITAIN REPLACE ‘GOD’ WITH ‘MYSELF’ IN OATH On Wednesday, Great Britain’s Girl Guides (their equivalent of U.S. Girl Scouts) and Brownies removed God from their 103-year-old oath. Instead of the passage where they used to … Continue reading

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What is your good news?

Do you have good news for the readers?  Let us know.

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