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IT’S OFFICIAL: Fr. Z has baggage problems!

I have been using the same luggage for over 20 years and it has finally given up the ghost. I’ve repaired it, patched it, reassembled it, glued it, stitched it. It is no longer a match for the way airlines … Continue reading

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WSJ apologizes!

The Wall Street Journal has apologized to readers for being too soft on Obamacare. HERE Here’s a sample: ObamaCare has become a rolling “train wreck,” in Senator Max Baucus’s memorable phrase, and it gets worse the more of it the … Continue reading

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7 July: 6th Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum – A SUGGESTION!

A good idea from one of your fellow readers and long-time participants in the combox: FYI, below is this week’s newsletter item touting the Te Deum at end of Mass Sunday. The link gives the Te Deum handout for the … Continue reading

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Help needed in Mississippi! No TLM? ANYWHERE?!?

I had a note from a fellow in Mississippi which contained bad news and a plea which I must pass along (edited): Father, I am a member of Una Voce Mississippi. We are in a very large diocese with very … Continue reading

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A note from a happy man about his first TLM experience

I am finally working through the waterfall of email that has been pouring into my inbox. Here is a nice note: I am 45 and I just attended my first Latin Mass. Wow! The only thing in my head was … Continue reading

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No. You may not park here.

A young man in the Diocese of Madison recently posted on his blog (HERE) a photo of the jolly sign at the chancery marking the parking place of the local bishop, His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino. To wit… … Continue reading

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I wonder if Lady Gaga will get half the treatment dished out to Paula Deen

I am angry. I want you to be angry. From Newsmax: Former Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., offers harsh criticism to pop star Lady Gaga for replacing “home of the brave” with “home for the gays” in a rendition of the … Continue reading

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