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Fr. Z with a fishy question for the readership

I am betting that there are experts on silver flatware out there among the readership. It seems as if every time I post a question needing some expertise, some of you chime in with helpful information. Years ago I inherited … Continue reading

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Under Obama Administration: hostility increases toward military chaplains

We Catholic citizens of these USA need to support the Archdiocese for Military Services. From National Catholic Register: Religion in U.S. Military Policy The Family Research Council’s report notes that pressure to impose ’a secular, anti-religious culture’ has intensified over … Continue reading

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POLLS: The Zimmerman Trial – What WILL and what SHOULD the jury decide?

A couple questions about the Zimmerman Trial. The legal issue at stake is whether Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense. Setting aside the question of whether or not there should have even been a trial, and setting aside the fact that … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: A 1st TLM experience

From a reader (some editing and my emphases): I have been an avid reader of your blog and I really appreciate the seriousness of the Catholic issues that you present here, as well as your witty, and often humorous remarks. … Continue reading

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Pope Francis inspected Vatican parking, checked what cars are driven

From Corriere della sera comes something straight from a Fellini movie (my translation). I am not making this up. Inspection – The Pope declared war on the Vatican’s luxury cars.  First, he attacked wastefulness, underscoring that “it bothers me when I … Continue reading

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Francis on Benedict: “Today I was with ‘el viejo’… ‘the old man’…”

I have kept the banner image of Benedict and Francis with that phrase “Reading Francis through Benedict” at the top of the blog, to remind people that we don’t pit Popes against each other.  There will be differences in interests … Continue reading

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“Meanest mother in Wyoming”

I saw this on facebook, which I look at about once a day. Wonderful!  Reason #6467 to love Wyoming.   Speaking of Wyoming, help the Wyoming Carmelites ….

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Pope Francis changes rules for who can join Anglican Ordinariates

This is really interesting. Do you remember some reports that, not long ago, some people were claiming that Pope Francis, still in Argentina, pooh-pooed any need for an Anglican Ordinariate.  Remember that?  BBC HERE. Read what follows and ask yourself … Continue reading

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