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Pres. Obama’s nomination for judiciary, less moderate than the most activist liberal?

From Life News comes this. Obama Judicial Pick Cornelia Pillard: Abortion Needed to “Free Women From Maternity” by Tony Perkins A lot can happen between now and Congress’s August recess — and that’s exactly what conservatives should be concerned about. Senate … Continue reading

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¿Dónde están los niños?

During the state ceremonies yesterday for Pope Francis arrival in Brazil, the group of priests I a with (it is our annual summer gathering) note that he was all long-face during the playing of the anthems. We think we know … Continue reading

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More news of the Religion of Peace

While parts of Paris are enjoying long summer nights of car burning and rioting (HERE), Islamists are kidnapping Christian girls for resale purposes.  A story from Persecution.org Christian Girls Being Snatched By Islamist Traffickers ICC Note:  The recent political developments … Continue reading

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Your Good News

Do you have good news to share with the readers?

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