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I was blithely typing along, and THUD… BEEP!! My UPS (uninterruptible power sources) sprang to bleeping life. “It finally happened,” quoth I… or words to that effect. Here at the SPTDV we have no electricity. Since I just posted this, … Continue reading

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes

Was there a good point in the sermon you heard for your Sunday Mass?

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Writing to Rome when the bishop or pastor does nothing to correct liturgical abuses

Letter by letter. At the blog Socon or Bust I saw a post about a woman who had been writing to her local bishop for some years about liturgical abuses at her parish.  The bishop, predictably, did nothing. She wrote … Continue reading

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Want some “lío”? I’ve got your “lío” right here!

¿Este será el ‘lío’ que quiere el Papa? Some young people could be taking Pope Francis at his word when the other day he said, precisely to young people, “quiero lío en las dioceses… I want a mess in dioceses”. … Continue reading

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