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One of these days there will come the big grid-frying EMP caused by a CME thus bringing on TEOTWAWKI. EMPs can also be caused by a nuclear weapon. On the other hand, this is in the offing. From Boeing: CHAMP … Continue reading

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The fog of war and fast communication.

Many parish bulletins have to be put together some good time in advance of their printing and delivery and distribution. However, on Sunday Pope Francis dropped a surprise on the entire Catholic Church by calling for a day of prayer and … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: How do I tactfully tell Father things I don’t like about him?

From a reader: We have a new priest in my parish. Not a new priest but new to us. He is an adult who had a career before becoming a priest. He also has a child from a marriage (divorced … Continue reading

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Sr. Joan’s moral equivalence between Archbp. Sartain’s view of Mary and Islamic “Fulla” doll.

When an organization needs to deflect or obfuscate or change the subject (because things are going wrong), it uses surrogates. Does Sr. Joan Chittister speak for the LCWR? Is she one of their surrogates? Sr. Zinn at the LCWR should … Continue reading

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