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Omnium Gatherum: All Souls Masses where YOU are

2 November, All Souls, is around the corner. This solemn observance, while not a Holy Day of Obligation, has always aroused in the faithful a strong response and turn out. Many people have been asking me to post their parish’s … Continue reading

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Request for prayers

I am slated to head back to the USA tomorrow.  Alas, I have come down with an awful cold. Please, dear readers, I ask your prayers for a sudden, complete and lasting recovery.  I dread the international flight, lay-over, second … Continue reading

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“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…”

From the Beeb: An international team of astronomers has detected the most distant galaxy yet. The galaxy is about 30 billion light-years away and is helping scientists shed light on the period that immediately followed the Big Bang. It was … Continue reading

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