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We are on one side of the threshold we shall soon cross.

Today in our Roman Rite it is the last day of the liturgical year. We are on one side of the threshold.  We cross over soon. Of Advent, the holy bishop of Milan St. Charles Borromeo (+1584) said: “Like a … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: “…and my wife said, ‘But that’s a good thing!'”

From a reader: Since you like to hear of such things…my wife and I are “reverts”. For about a year now. Last year we made a pact to not miss mass for all of advent, which started us down the … Continue reading

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Reason #10 for Summorum Pontificum

There is great virtue in simply remaining grounded in the Church’s teachings, following the liturgical books carefully, and minding your p’s and q’s.  If nothing else, the Church can help to keep you under control. That is certainly the case … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for December

Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for December Vatican City, 29 November 2013 (VIS) – Pope Francis’ general prayer intention for December is: “That children who are victims of abandonment or violence may find the love and protection they need”. His mission … Continue reading

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Thai-ing one on!

I lunched with a priest friend today. We chose Thai. I almost didn’t go in because the restaurant had one of those vile signs against CCW on the door. I’ll probably not go back. That said, my friend thought I … Continue reading

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VIDEO: UPDATE – Abortion wymyn physically attack men praying in front of cathedral of Buenos Aires

“The culture war is real….” A tip of the biretta to my friend Fr. Finigan. Father writes: I was moved by this video of young men protecting the Cathedral of San Juan in Argentina. Pro-abortionists provoke them with various insults and … Continue reading

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Fewer Catholics schedule funerals for their dead

A tip of the biretta to Pewsitter for this piece from the Worcester Telegram: Bishop McManus worried that some omit funeral Masses WORCESTER — Bishop Robert J. McManus is expressing concern that Central Massachusetts Roman Catholics are not scheduling funeral … Continue reading

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FLORENCE: Dominicans to leave San Marco. Signs of the Times?

The last friar should turn off the lights. It seems that the last four Dominicans left at the famous San Marco (where the Beato Angelico rooms are) are leaving, transferring their flag to Santa Maria Novella. Thus, the centuries old … Continue reading

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Italian rumor mill: Pope sneaks out to help the poor.

You may be seeing in days ahead some reports that Pope Francis sneaks out of the Vatican to help the poor. I saw this at AffariItaliani (my translation): Papa Bergoglio? La notte esce di nascosto per aiutare i poveri Pope Bergoglio? … Continue reading

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Evangelii gaudium 54 (“trickle-down economics”). Significant translation error changed meaning.

I have mentioned that people have raised translation problems with the new Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium. I posted under another entry about problems with par. 54, which in the English translation mentions “trickle-down” economics. Since that other post delved into more … Continue reading

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