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VIDEO Horrific Sacrilegious “Mass”

This was a Swiss/German liturgical production from 2012. The video was just brought to my attention.
The worst liturgical sacrileges I have seen in recent times are perpetrated by German speakers.
If they puff up in high dudgeon about renovating bishops’ residences, … Continue reading

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CDF directs clerics, faithful not to attend conferences favorable to Medjugorje

I don’t generally post much about Medjugorje, but this I must share.
The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith has directed that bishops be advised that
“clerics and the faithful are not permitted to participate in meetings, conferences or public celebrations … Continue reading

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A new bishop for Rochester: reconstruction continues

As I wrote when His Excellency Most Reverend Leonard Blair was translated from Toledo to Hartford: “Bishops are not being penalized for involvement in the doctrinal assessment of the LCWR.  They are being promoted.”   The Fishwrappers had a spittle-flecked nutty.  Micken’s … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: Preaching about confession

From a transitional deacon:
I’m an avid reader of the blog. I have noticed how often you mention confession in the blog and wanted to relay this short little bit of my experience this weekend.
I’m a newly ordained transitional Deacon and … Continue reading

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